Darjeeling Cable Car Ride

Cable cars ride popularly known as Darjeeling Ropeway is an integral part of Darjeeling tourism. It is also known as Rangeet Valley Cable Car because of the overwhelming views of the valley around the river Little Rangeet. It was started in 1968 by the Forest Development Department. It is the oldest passenger ropeway in India and also the longest in whole of Asia.

Darjeeling Cable Cars Ride

Darjeeling Ropeway is located in Singamari (North Point) which is just 3 kms north of Darjeeling town. Initially, it was built to make an easy access to the tea gardens at valleys down below. But today, with the renovation of the cable cars, it has become a popular tourist allurement.

It is a 45 minute journey from Singamari to the bottom of the valley at Singla bazaar along the banks of Ramman River. It will take you down from a height of 7,000 ft. to 800 ft. where the last stop is located at Singla market.

Cable cars ride in Darjeeling is a unique way to explore the immense natural charm of this pretty hill station. It gives you a great opportunity

to enjoy the aerial view of this charming hill station and its surrounding areas which comprises of mighty Mount Kanchenjunga, hills and valleys, gushing rivers and streams, verdant tea gardens, lush green dense forests, waterfalls and mountain ridges. From a bird’s eye view, the feeling is just out of this world to see two rivers, Ramman and Little Rangeet meeting at the Great Rangeet. You better carry your cameras with you. Truly speaking, Darjeeling looks prettier from a high elevation.

In between this 8 km ride, the cable car stops at various locations like Tugvar valley and Burnesbeg before making its ultimate stop at Singla. You can take a break at these stops and refresh yourself with snacks and beverages available at local shops. While you rest, go on for a guided visit to the tea gardens and factories. See how tea is processed after being plucked from tea gardens. As you trek along the tea gardens, you will see many local women clad in their traditional outfits working in the tea gardens. Just sit enjoy the beauty of nature and rejoice. The good part of this Ropeway trip is there in no time limit set for visit. So, this allows you to spend enough time while you explore the tea gardens at various stops.

Since you will be travelling from a great height, safety becomes very important. But do not worry, expert guides will always be with you with the latest safety equipments. They are trained and are there to avoid any mishap during the journey.

Another best thing is the cable cars ride doesn’t cost much. They are available at affordable prices. So, you can keep on coming back for more. You will have to board the cable car from North Point which is just 3 kms away from Darjeeling main town.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit “The Queen of Hills” and enjoy the joyride of a lifetime.