Darjeeling Cuisine

Diversity that rules the line of Darjeeling is not just renowned for its aesthetic culture but its tourism viva which is represented by its manifold multi cuisine restaurants reflects the popularity of this amazing hill station. Year after year you would witness people coming from every corner of the world to taste the beauty of Darjeeling beside that an urgency to escort them with sumptuous hospitality has become a need of an hour and under such circumstances the role of vivid and distinct restaurants around the streets and corner of the city becomes pivotal and decisive.

Darjeeling Cuisine

Cuisine here is a reflection of Himalayan hospitality and since the silent valleys which though look clustered is lived by Nepali, Lepcha, Sherpa, Bengali, Bhutia, and Tibetan people you can definitely expect to taste variety in every section. Through this article today we are going to talk about the classified section of cuisine which is available at different bistro of Darjeeling beside that we will briefly talk about customary cuisine of local people.


Origin of Momo associates itself with the culture of Tibetan people and since Darjeeling is lived by many Tibetan people you can definitely sneak in to taste the stuffing of the same in varied restaurants. The process which is involved in making momo starts with a filling of dough by either vegetable stuff or non vegetarian stuff. Traveler must understand that they will get Momo in almost every quarter of Darjeeling but to taste the best we would recommend you to walk into renowned restaurants like Kunga and Dekevas.

Kunga restaurant which is located at the walks of Gandhi road is amongst the most economic and sought after bistro around Darjeeling. The Momo served here along with a thick wanton soup is the core of their dish and for momo lovers nothing could prove to be more exciting than the former.

Dekevas restaurant in terms of Momo occupies the second position in our list beside that the Tibetan core that they looks to represent gives that authentic touch to their dish. At Dekevas either you can try steam or fired momo beside that you can also look to try their other Tibetan stuffs which are equally tasty and mouthwatering.

For veggie freak I would suggest Hot Stimulating café which is located on the way to Himalayan zoological park to be the best beside that you can look to walk into the decorated floors of Hasty Tasty to taste the same.


Thukpa yet another Tibetan cuisine which is very famous around Darjeeling might come up as a surprise to the traveler but the taste that reaches the heart speaks the volume. The hot noodle soup that soaks the flavor of various ingredients can be considered most healthy because the process that requires making soup irrespective of vegetable, meat or egg requires considerable boiling.

To taste the authenticity of Thukpa traveler would require walking to the doors of Kunga and Dekevas restaurants because these two Tibetan bistros serves the best quality noodles and soup for average eater.

Alu Dum

Connection of Alu Dum with local people is astounding you would hardly find any street eateries without this dish on their list. Traveler must understand that it is amongst the most famous dish around Darjeeling, mashed potato which is cooked under pressure by adding substantial amount of red chili powder and other natural ingredients brings the best of Dum.

As mentioned above in every corner of Darjeeling you will smell an essence of Alu dum but I would recommend you to walk into the doors of Beni’s café which is located at SM das road to taste the best beside that you can also try negotiating with Hasty Tasty for sequential experience.

Traditional Nepali Thali

Traditional Nepali Thali which can order in restaurant like Revolver represents the customs of local people living here. Nepali platter in short is very simple and delicious in taste it includes Daal, vegetables, chutney and Papad as a complimentary.

The best place to taste the same is Revolver restaurant which is located at the Gandhi road beside that traveler can walk down to Penang restaurant of Laden La road to taste the same.

Naga Cuisine

Naga cuisine in Darjeeling is not famous as compare to other dishes but since many restaurants have developed their core to serve typical Naga cuisine, so traveler can always walk down to taste something different and exclusive. Naga cuisine is boiled based and every bit of taste reflects health and vigor. Characteristic Naga dish comprises rice along with dried bamboo shoot with the choice of meat that you want to have.

To try Naga cuisine we would recommend Revolver restaurant to be the best in fact it is the only place where you can get to taste Naga delight. Revolver restaurant in short is owned by Nepali and Naga couple so you can expect to get the best of both Nepali and Naga cuisine within the doors of the restaurant.

Bengali Cuisine

Bengali cuisine which is amongst the most economic cuisines of all is served by many restaurants around Darjeeling. The soul influence to open Bengali based restaurant was initiated by the Bengali people of Siliguri and Kolkata living around here and today there restaurants are earning high because of traveler coming from Siliguri and Kolkata.


For Churpee traveler would require walking the streets of Nehru road because the gates of Keventer’s would serve you with this delicious milk made snacks. Churpee in short represents the tradition of Himalayan ranges and here it is widely used for making Aachar, Sabji and many more.


Saphaley in fact represents the core of Tibetan people and while making the same they use Tibetan bread for stuffing it with meat they marinate the same in hot oil and will serve you with Chutney, curry and cheese. In Tibetan restaurant or in other bistro around Darjeeling you can ask for the same to understand its taste.


Gundruk is a traditional Nepali cuisine and it is use to add flavor and strong essence to other complimentary dish. Traveler must understand that Gundruk is fermented in open ambience and once it is dried than it will be used to make aachar and can be added in any dish to compliment the taste.

Sael Roti or Fox Bread

Sael roti for Nepali people is an occasional dish and to taste it you might require making local friend because the same is not available in any restaurant. The roti are prepared by rice paste and are fried till it color changes in to golden brown.

Darjeeling Tea

To taste an authentic and exotic flavor of Darjeeling tea you would not require walking to any restaurant best make your way to tea lounge like Nathmulls tea lounge, Golden tips tea lounge and Goodricke tea house to get the best of experience. Beside that traveler can also look to buy a package of tea as a souvenir if their journey.

Tibetan Tea

Tibetan tea as compare to Darjeeling tea is different because its preparation commands distinct approach. To make Tibetan tea traveler would require Tibetan butter and salt to give it an authentic taste. In Darjeeling you can walk down to restaurants like Kunga and Dekevas to taste the same.


Thonga is a traditional brew of Darjeeling and Nepali people it is prepared by fermenting millets and has alcoholic elements less than 5%. When it comes to serving part than it is served in traditional way and you would have an opportunity to sip the same through bamboo glass by using bamboo pipe.

To taste the brew of Thongba traveler would require being at the silent walks of Hot stimulating café which is located on the way to Himalayan zoo. Beside that you can also taste the same at the stalls near Rock garden which is another tourist spot in Darjeeling.