Darjeeling Weather

Darjeeling is the gem of North East India and is renowned all over the world for its alluring attractions, sightseeing places, manicured tea gardens and more of all for its brave and affectionate people. Darjeeling was the summer capital during the British Raj and since it has been the most famous hill station lovingly called “Queen of Hills”.

Darjeeling Weather

Coming to the main topic Darjeeling weather, this beautiful town experiences cool and pleasant weather all the year round, except monsoon and winter season. During the monsoon season it receives heavy rainfall and this leads to landslides in more of the region in Darjeeling and surrounding areas. Winter is extremely cold and the temperature sometime drops below -0 degree centre grade and this leads to snowfalls in the winter time.

Weather in Winter Season in Darjeeling

December to February

December to February is winter time in Darjeeling. During this time is it very cold and especially at the end of December and till mid of February weather is extreme and the temperature drops down to 2-3 degree centre grade and sometime below -0 degree. Though snowfall is not common in Darjeeling, but still as the temperature dips down, snowfall is there that adorns this beautiful hill town in a heavenly fairy look.

During the winter time, tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy holidays and tours in Darjeeling. For honeymooners, it is the best time to visit.

Spring Season in Darjeeling

Spring brings life to the town of Darjeeling and adorns the hills with the blossom of various colorful flowers especially Magnolia and Rhododendrons. During this time the days are clear and the view of the surrounding tea gardens and the country side fills the heart with lovely experience and delights. The temperature in Darjeeling is pleasant during spring and temperature range between 6 degree centigrade at night and 17 degree during the day.

Summer Season

Summer is the peak season for Darjeeling tourism as during this time thousands of hundred tourists from India and abroad visit Darjeeling for holidays and tours. Summer in Darjeeling starts from April and last till mid of July with temperature ranging between 17 to 25 degree Celsius.

Monsoon Season in Darjeeling

Monsoon in Darjeeling starts from end of June and last till August. During this time, the hill town receives heavy downpours and most of the time days are foggy and misty. Sometimes incessant rainfall can last up to 10 days causing massive landslides in most of the regions of Darjeeling.

Autumn Season in Darjeeling

Autumn in Darjeeling starts from September to November. It is also an ideal time to go for sightseeing and outing but there is sometime rainfall as well.

After all, Darjeeling weather remains cool and pleasant all the year round and so this beautiful hill station is visited by tourists from India and abroad all the year round.