Dooars tour Packages

An enthralling journey from winding and meandering hills of Darjeeling district would drop you down to relatively terrain and plain area of Dooars, which is obviously an integral part of Darjeeling tourism. So if you are planning to make your advent then we would suggest traveler to book tour package to make their moment outlasting and rejuvenating. The tour package would simplify your advent beside that flexibility of customization would make it more convenient and comfortable.

Tourist places in and around

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary and Gorumara National Park

Two of the most renowned wildlife and recognized wildlife sanctuary earn a reputation for housing one horned rhinos which is more famous only in
Kaziranga National park of Assam. The Jaldapara and Gorumara is apart from endangered one horn rhinoceros houses mighty black bison, leopard, spotted deer, sambar, hog, reptiles etc.

Buxa Tiger reserve

Buxa Tiger reserve is another amazing wildlife retreat located in the sub-division of Alipurdwar. The Tiger reserve was established in the year 1982-83 and it encloses the northern border of Bhutan and Assam. Sprawled over an area of around 759 square kilometer, the Tiger Reserve is flush with beautiful landscape and its amazing bio-diversity lends great help in sustaining eco tourism of Dooars.


Located at a distance of around 45 km from Alipurdwar, Bhutanghat is renowned for its scenic reverie beside that its serene environment calls for picture perfect evening. The majestic landscape is located close to the Raidak River and it shares border with Territory of Bhutan.

Rasikbil Bird sanctuary

The place is renowned for its flying flocks and species of it. The clear sky and transplant water body of the sanctuary is lived by numerous nexus of birds and migratory birds; it would be loike imagination to see their colorful wings in an open sky beside that serene environment would make your advent completely natural and inspiring. Apart from winged beauties traveler can enjoy the coral of large aquarium which has been used for crocodile rehabilitation program.

Chapramari sanctuary

Located at a distance of around 12 km from NH 31, the virgin and verdant forest of Chapramari is renowned for housing wildlife creatures like one horn rhino, bison, leopards, deer etc. Apart from wildlife we would strongly suggest traveler to enjoy the fascinating distinction of flora to enjoy the brilliance of your natural advent.


Jayanti is a small village settlement located at a distance of around 14 km from Buxa Tiger reserve. The village is perfectly nestled at an estuary of River Jayanti, enclosing the boundary of Bhutan. The rural conglomeration is renowned for its scenic perpetual beside that hegemony of natural splendor makes it must visit for travelers.

Neora valley National Park

Neora Valley National Park falls under the jurisdiction of Kalimpong forest division and northern section falls under previsionof Dooars forest department. Its dense valley is renowned for vivid type of vegetation and wildlife creatures. The National Park houses animals like clouded leopard, hornbills, Red Panda, Himalayan Tahr etc.

Things to do

Bird watching:

Bird Watching at Rasikbil Bird sanctuary is one of the most pleasant set of thing that nature lover could look to do while coming here. We would suggest traveler to tag along with camera so that you would click best of the flying wings.

Wildlife adventure:

wildlife adventure tours at Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary and Gorumara National Park is two of the best set of things that wildlife enthusiast can look to ask for.

Tea estate:

since terrains of Dooars like Darjeeling is filled with tea estates, so factory visit and tea estate visit is some of the splendid set of things you can look to do while coming here.