Darjeeling Hyden Hall

Hayden Hall of Darjeeling which was established during 1969 is in fact a noble nonprofit making organization that looks to support the cause of poor people to make them self reliable and self independent.

Hayden Hall

Located within the busy streets of Laden La road of Darjeeling the fair shop market of the hall interprets the manual work of local people who are living under the line of poverty and can’t even imagine running their life with basic environment.

Hayden hall in short is a charitable institution and a journey here would allow traveler to understand the skills of local people who are expert in making local handicrafts like carpet, caps, shawls, bags, scarves, sweaters, clothes and many more.

The moment you will walk in the beautiful figurine of Mother Mary would illustrate an instance to understand that it is a Christian charioted institution that looks to mould the basic needs of local people.

Now walking inside the stairs would lead you to the first floor and there you will witness the rooms which are assigned to an administrators and staff of the hall but before you take stairs an open space of main buildings would mesmerize your mind.

The kind initiative to start something like Hayden Hall was idealized by Pattons family who purchased the building in 1969 and later the same complex was brought by Irish Jesuit Father Edward Hayden and then the site was renamed as Hayden Hall.

The second complex of Hayden Hall you will witness was acquired during 1972 where an additional service to support the social cause of local people was added. Owing to its importance the third complex was structured during 1996 and there the learning codes of paramedics and adult education was implemented.

Traveler must understand that after 1970s Hayden hall of Darjeeling came into limelight and seeing its active social program many charity and institution supported its cause. At present it not only has handicrafts centre but it has education centre, library room, paramedics centre and many more.

Some of the Basic Program of Hayden Hall

Health Program- health program of Hayden Hall considers women by giving them adequate knowledge regarding paramedics so that they could help the people living around the village during the call of emergency incidents.

Mother and child program aims at delivering service to both ailing mother and infant and from Hayden hall they will get medical facilities. Beside that there is care centre that recruits infant so that their mother could go outside and earn some money to run their livelihood.

Education program- the Adult literacy Program that runs across the boundary of hills and plains aims at giving proper schooling service to the children of between 5 and 18 by offering them place to live and learn. Remedial classes which are offered after school time by volunteered teachers relate the volume of kind service. Beside that Girl Child Scholarship gives special privilege to infant child by offering them school fees, uniforms and books.

Income Generation Programs- This program is amongst the noblest programs of Hayden Hall because since its inception it has given splendid opportunity to poor women to earn their livelihood. Here economically shattered women are asked to learn the skills of making handicraft and they would be given specific training and once it is complete they would be asked either to work within the fold of Hayden Hall or else they can choose to work in a different place.

Under the fold of Income Generation Program Hayden Hall have install Loan program that allows backward women to take subsidiary amount of loan to earn their livelihood.

Food program-this program of Hayden Hall believes in contributing to social cause by distributing Bulgar which is a daily meal, cooking oil and food to infants, pregnant and needy women, aged people etc. the food program allows women not only to feed their cause but they would have an opportunity to learn cooking and many more.

Housing Program-during its initial phase it started helping victims of natural disaster by giving them the roofs where they could hide their pain but with its growing popularity it started building houses in government donated land and at present it provides home to homeless and needy people and also assist them to get Home Loan.

Old age program-under these program senior citizens and aged people would be offer ration, medication facility and cash in lieu to support their survival method.

How to Reach

By train- the nearest railway station to Hayden Hall is Njp which is located at a distance of around 73 km from here.

By air- the nearest airport is Bagdogra which is located at a distance of around 93 km from here. From Darjeeling railway station it is 10-15 minutes’ walk or from the main Darjeeling town it is 10 minutes walk.