Darjeeling Hotels

Often called the Queen of Hill stations, this beautiful hilly town has some of the best scenic views in the world. People have been coming here for many decades now to be with the nature and to have an amazing vacation. The best time to see some of the exquisite places of interest in Darjeeling is during summer. The gigantic Mount Kanchenjunga as the backdrop makes the place truly inspiring. The lush rolling tea gardens, natural lakes and river streams will bring you much closer to the nature. Sipping on the world renowned Darjeeling tea you could watch the cloud playing hide and seek with the green hills high above and feel blessed to have come here.

Darjeeling Hotels

Once a summer retreat from the sweltering heat for the British officials, Darjeeling has now become a major tourist destination in the whole of world. Despite being one of the top tourist spots with the likes of Paris, Rome, Goa and the others, Darjeeling is comparatively very reasonable, be

it your travel or your accommodation or food. You can reach this enchanting town by means of airways and travel by local taxis uphill for about 3 – 4 hours. Being a commercial hub there is absolutely no problem finding a good hotel in the town. You could book rooms for yourself in the hustling bustling town or you could find a cozy warm room a bit far from the town in the lap of nature where the only thing that could disturb you is the twittering of the birds.

To make it more convenient for you the tourism industry have played a huge role in building the modern infrastructure and hotels and resorts with all the modern amenities. Darjeeling is beautiful and the sight remains etched in one’s heart forever and the hotels have only added to that charm by being the best and giving the best.

There are luxury hotels to budget to cheap ones leaving you with various options to choose from. Visitors have often said that even the luxury ones are pretty affordable and the cheap ones too boast of giving some really good customer service. Since the climate in Darjeeling is moderate to cold most of the time, they see to it that the rooms are cozy and means of heating are readily available such as the room heater, hot water bags, flask with hot water to drink, etc.

All these hotels have spacious rooms with cozy warm beds, running hot and cold water in the attached bathroom, extra blankets, hair dryer, internet service, and laundry. The hotels serve you with some great local cuisines such as momo, thukpa, sel roti, pork and saag, jhaad, thongba, etc. these are always hot keeping in mind the low temperature. You could also taste Darjeeling Tea which supposedly is the most expensive in the world but luckily since they are grown here they come pretty cheap in these hotels.

All the major tourist attractions of Darjeeling are very close to the most of the hotels so a walk around the town from your hotel becomes hassle free. So come and stay in one of these and feel loved and cared.