Kalimpong tour packages

Kalimpong is a wondrous hill station located at a distance of around 57 km from its parental district. The beauty of valleys that starts from an eternal flow of Teesta River could be considered as one of the potential tourist destinations where traveler comes from every corner of the world to enjoy their vacation. During the month of summer the entire regions of Kalimpong blossoms like a beauty of Orchard and oracles of wonders pops out to mesmerize traveler from every corner of the world. To enjoy the gorgeous splendor up to full extent we would suggest traveler to come with tour package so that they could customize their tour in a most convenient way.

Tourist places around Kalimpong

Deolo Hill:

perched perfectly at an elevation of around 1704 m, Deolo is a twin hill station of Kalimpong and could be considered as one of the main attractions of Kalimpong tourism. It is a highest point of Kalimpong and it has water reservoirs that supplies water to entire regions of
Kalimpong. The hill point has a scenic surrounding beside that resting shed and manicured lawns around lures traveler.

Durpin Dara:

Durping Dara is another manifest of Kalimpong tourism and it is the second highest located at opposite corner of Deolo. Durpin Dara is more renowned for its magnifying brilliance beside that tourist places around like Golf course, Durpin Monastery, Morgan house, Hockey ground within are the places where traveler can look to enjoy their advent.

Neora national Park:

Neora National Park is undoubtedly one of the most diverse area where you would have an occasion to view the glory of Nature Interpretation beside that nature conservation is something that traveler should not miss while coming here. The dense forest of Neora is extended to acres and acres of area and within you would find many types of vegetations and wildlife animals.

Mangal Dham:

the temple of Magal Dham was constructed in 1993 to praise the glory of late Guru Ramdasji. Mangal Dham is a pioneer temple and it is often appreciated for its amazing architecture beside that the clean and the charity work they have been doing have earned them a spiritual name and fame.

McFarlane Church:

McFarlane is one of the oldest churches of Kalimpong and it is run by north eastern Diocese. The church was constructed after a sad demise of Reverent William McFarlane who is associated in spreading the light of education in Kalimpong. The architecture of the church resembles the glory of chapel of Scottish church beside that the historic bell of the church is considered as the oldest in numbers.

Things to do


Trekking is the first thing that traveler can look to do while coming here as there is numerous trekking trails and short trails that would lead you to many distinct places of Kalimpong. On a friendly note we would suggest traveler to try Lava-Changey trek to enjoy the descent lives of village people.


paragliding at Deolo is another interesting thing that traveler can look to do while coming here. Rest assured as adventure course of Paragliding is run and operate by experienced Scottish guy who have earned lot of name and fame in this sport beside that he has an authentic experience certificate and license of trainer.

Wildlife visit:

buy a time to drive a distance of Neora National Park to enjoy the course of wildlife adventure. The sprawling area which is covered with distinct vegetation is lived by many endangered species and common animals. Beside that varied type of flying flocks would entice bird watchers from every corner of the world.

Best time to visit

Consider the season of summer that starts from February till March and season of winter from October till December to be favorable to make your visit here.