Mirik tour packages

Perched perfectly at an elevation of around 1767 m above sea level, Mirik is integral part o Darjeeling tourism. So if you are planning to make your advent here then that could prove to be an essential idea, as many tour operators operates within the zone and waiting to make your visit ideal and memorable. The idea of customization and tour simplification is a main motive of traveler so come here as best deals in tour packages are waiting on the line.

Tourist places in and around

Mirik Lake:

Mirik Lake popularly renowned as Samendu Lake is one of the most popular tourist site of Mirik tourism in fact half of the crust of
sightseeing revolves around the beauty of transparent lake. Located at a distance of around 2 Km from the main stream of Mirik, Mirik Lake is surrounded by beautiful chestnut, oak and maple trees. Traveler while coming would have an occasion to perform boating and horse riding beside that picnic could be performed as main socializing event.

Ramitey Dara:

Ramitey Dara as its name suggest, is a scenic viewpoint located at an alluring elevation from the main land of Mirik. Ramitey Dara is a moniker of 360 degree view of surroundings which involves transparent view of snow covered mountains, terrains and eternal valley.

Deosi Dara:

perched perfectly at an elevation of around 1768 m, Deosi Dara is a historic site and traditional tourist spot related with customs of Nepali culture. Alike Ramitey Dara, Deosi Dara is a perfect scenic point of Mirik and from here traveler would have an occasion to view glory of hills and adjoining terrain areas.

Rai Dhap:

it is an ideal picnic spots that seems to invite travelers and locals from different corner, the beauty of Rai Dhap lies in its amazing location and urgency of serenity has made it completely peaceful.

Orange Orchards:

located at a distance of around 2 km from Mirik, Orange Orchards is situated on the spur from where traveler can see the beauty of orange orchards. Traveler must understand it is the largest orange supplier in West Bengal, so it definitely worth your visit.

Tea Estates:

altogether there are eight tea estates that cover almost acres and acres of land of Mirik and each of it has an essential of taste of distinction, so your advent around tea estates won’t be a disappointing call.

Devi Sthan:

it is one of the most divine temples located within dense forest area of Mirik; the beauty of Dhuppi that covers the sectors makes it serene and gives that ideal spiritual feel to its traveler. The temple is dedicated to praise the glory of Goddess Singha Devi beside that temples holds the deity of lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman and Devi kali.

Bokar Ngedon Chokhor Ling Monastery:

it is one of the prominent Buddhist centers of Mirik and it holds around 500 monks to perform the religious duty of monastery. The mutt usually follows the principles of Shakyamuni Buddha and owing to its spiritual hegemony it is considered as one of the most holistic monasteries of Mirik.

Things to do


it is the most fascinating set of things you can look to do while coming as there are many picnic spots around Mirik, Like Mirik Lake, Deosi Dara etc where traveler can just tag along with their groups to enjoy the venture.


the Rang Bhang and Manju trekking are two of the most well renowned circuit where traveler can look to buy time to perform adventure task.

Fishing and Boating:

fishing and boating in the lake of Mirik is another interesting set of things that traveler can engage their mind with while coming here.