Darjeeling Mountaineering

Darjeeling MountaineeringDarjeeling is a paradise for adventure sports lovers, especially those interested in mountaineering. With its beautiful, yet risky and adventurous slopes, mountains and peaks, this place provides ultimate fun for people who have a passion for this sport. It is a world renowned destination when it comes to this adventure sport and people from different corners of the world come here to experience the extreme side of this sport. Since it has an international recognition as a mountaineering destination, the facilities and services out here are highly developed and advanced. At the helm of all mountaineering activities lies the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute which is the official body that regulates all the rules and regulation and activities related to this sport. Besides this many travel and tour operators also help you in getting the necessary permits and make arrangements for all that you require to enjoy the fun and adventure. If you are a mountaineering enthusiasts, then Darjeeling is a must visit destination for you, atleast once in your lifetime.

Mountaineering is an art as well as a science. One needs to get some formal training before they can try their hands on them. There are a lot of

techniques, tricks and principles of this sport. There are many institutes that offer courses related to this sport however one needs to be careful and make distinction between institutes that are set up to earn money and those who are driven by passion. The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute located in a Darjeeling is a government institute that provide high quality training and courses on mountaineering which thoroughly prepares you for the sport. It is driven by its passion for the sport and is run by a team of highly qualified people who are expert in this field. Its fees are affordable and facilities diverse. It is the star attraction for any person who is passionate about this sport as it provides you everything that you need to master it. Darjeeling Mountaineering gets a special edge due to the existence of this institute. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute Darjeeling

Besides this institute there are several other factors and facilities which make this place a paradise for people who are passionate about scaling mountains. There are numerous expeditions organised by the institute at appropriate times of the year. These expeditions are executed under the guidance of highly qualified and trained personal thus making it complete safe. There are many trails and scaling peaks like Sandakfu, Phalut

etc which are great and exciting places to enjoy this sport. The best time to undertake this activity would be between the summer months from March to May when weather conditions would be conducive. This is also the peak season hence it is always advisable to make the necessary bookings in advance. There are plenty of local tour and travel operators that can be contacted in the town which can make necessary arrangements for your expedition. For people who are passionate about mountaineering, Darjeeling is a must visit place.