Darjeeling Shopping

Darjeeling Shopping

This hilly region of the North east part of India has quite a lot to offer. The pleasant weather, the hilly green landscape, lush rolling tea gardens and majestic white snow mountains are some of the things tourist like about the cozy little town of Darjeeling. However, besides these breathtaking views and beautiful smiling people there is a lot of fun in here. There are great shopping opportunities in here. Because the town is situated closer to borders of countries like Nepal, Burma and Bangladesh there are many different types of clothes that come here and they are all pretty affordable. This ‘Queen of Hill stations’ is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world and one other thing they like most in here is the shopping. There are amazing shops and boutiques that have a great collection of clothes for men, women and children.

Darjeeling has various places from where one can pick up local handicrafts which are beautifully made and also many traditional dresses made by the local women which are very fashion forward. These are perfect for taking back home for souvenirs. If you like taking some more originals of such pieces then you should visit the Tibetan Self Help center where the uniquely beautiful handicrafts are manufactured. You could find some of these

even in the Hayden hall which is an NGO that basically works for the women empowerment. Along the streets of Darjeeling town one would find many shopping complex. Some popular ones are the Mahakal Market, Dragon Market, Fancy Market, Capital market and Singhalila Market. These have an amazing collection of men’s and women’s wear. They keep a wide variety of jackets, trousers, pullovers, shoes and boots. The weather allows the locals to wear some warm jackets and boots with a soft woolen muffler and these are readily available at the stores.

Recently a new market has been opened in the town called the Rink mall which houses many boutiques and clothing stores. There are also many stores in Darjeeling from where one could buy a wide variety of tea and these are considered to be world’s best tea. You could also buy the

traditional weapon of the Gorkha community called the Khukhuri which are beautifully decorated and are sold in many curio shops. Besides one can also buy beautiful rings, neck pieces and bangles that have an ethnic taste to it. There are array of shops along the streets from where one can buy leather items, silver items, woolen items, etc. One very interesting souvenir could be the paper painting done by the local Bhutia men and women, which depicts the stories of their life and of their deities.

Darjeeling is famous for the Toy Train which has also been declared as the world heritage site by the UNESCO. People can get a ride on the train and also get to take some souvenirs for there are miniature models and pictures of the Toy train. Besides, there are studios and shops on the way to Chowrasta from where amazingly beautiful pictures can be purchased. All in all Darjeeling is a shopping destination for almost all items.