The Mall

The Mall is an important commercial hub of Darjeeling where local people gather to hang out and spend some lively time with friends and families. Also called the Chowrasta, it is an ideal tourist spot to take a lazy stroll or relax.

The Mall

Actually the Mall is a busy street that is dotted with many Tibetan shops and other stores and which leads all the way to Chowrasta, a square. Three more mall roads meet at Chowrasta making it four. That’s why the name Chowrasta meaning meeting point of four roads.

The Mall road that is at the southern side of Chowrasta coming from below, also called the Nehru Road is a very busy street that is lined with many Tibetan stalls and other shops. Tourists can buy many handmade products, locally woven clothes and other decorative items at these shops. Another road which runs parallel to the Nehru Road is again a busy market where you can see many food stalls and a horse stable too. But the more popular

and less crowded Mall road is on the opposite which starts off from one side, goes around the Observatory Hill and joins Chowrasta again from the other side. Hence it is counted twice. It is less crowded and surrounded by huge pine trees. The Observatory Hill is located on this road which offers stunningly beautiful views of Darjeeling hills and valleys and snow-capped mountain ranges of the Eastern Himalayas. One can also visit the sacred Mahakal Mandir which lies just above this Mall road.

The Mall offers the tourists plenty of activities. You can enjoy shopping at many souvenir stalls, buy books at the famous Oxford Books Stores, enjoy delicious local food called Momo and other fast foods and snack at many trendy cafes and restaurants. Also taste the world renowned Darjeeling Tea available almost at every food stalls around the place. Children can also have a great time here as pony rides are at offer at Chowrasta. The Mall has also many comfortable benches lined at both of its opposite sides. You can just sit back and relax enjoying a hot cup of refreshing tea.

  • Special feature: It is a busy commercial street in the town flocked by both the locals and tourists likewise.
  • Connectivity: Accessibly by walking.
  • Dressing restrictions: Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in.
  • Nuisance: It remains crowded with people and tourists almost all the time.
  • Best time to visit: April to June and September to December.
  • Visit timings: Morning to evening.
  • Entry fees: None as such.
  • Enjoyed by: Family vacationers, backpackers and kids.
  • Facilities: The place has good number of hotels and lodges, souvenir stalls and food stalls.
  • Things not allowed: Nothing as such.
  • Suggestion: Visit on a clear sunny day to make the most of your trip.