Rangdum is an oval shaped expanded plateau which lies in the District of Leh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This scenic spot is located between Padum and Kargil which is beautifully endowed by the pasture of hills, glaciers and streams and this site as well serves as a base camp for trekking.

Rangdum Gompa is a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery which belongs to Gelugpa Sect administrated from Karsha Gompa. This magnificent Gompa is situated at elevation of 3657 meter (11998 ft) on top of small but very steep hill at the head of the Surru Valley, in outstanding Ladakh. This splendid Monastery was built 200 years ago by Gelek Yashi Takpa in the reign of King Tsewang Mangyul. The Rangdum Gompa or Monastery is built over a hillock, deep-rooted around by the bifurcated root of a gushing mountain stream. This Monastery in Ladakh also offers the appearance of ancient fortification.

This age old Rangdum Monastery is situated 130 km from Kargil at the further end of Surru valley on a mid way to Padum and Kargil. On one side of the monastery are the colorful hills whereas on other side are Rocky Mountains and glaciers. The small Mani walls here are and towards the Padum are more ornate than that in Ladakh. Some of the stones are carved here not only with the usual “Om Mani Padme Hum” mantra but as well the pictures of Mandalas and chortens are carved on it. Located next to the village of Julidock and around 25 km from the Pensi-La which leads into Zanskar Valley, it is physically in the Surru Valley but culturally part of Zanskar.

The Rangdum Monastery in Ladakh owns the entire valley around it where more than 50 monks dwell here and who are dependent on the offerings of grains and butter from the villagers. Yuldo and Julidok are the small villages which are located at the end of the Surru Valley are entirely Buddhists.

The locales are socially and culturally allotment of Zanskar and support the Rangdum Monastery. The country surrounding is very bleak crops sometimes cannot decline in the abrupt summer. The locals depend on their flocks and food from lower down the Suru Valley from Kargil or over the pass from Zanskar. It is as well the destination of the drifting herds people alleged Bakaarwals, who expedition up every year from the Himalayan foothills from Jammu arena, bringing their flocks of sheep and goats to grow fat on the rich summer growth of grass.

The road conditions are not up to the mark near Rangdum and very sadly there is no electricity, phone or internet.

Quick Facts

  • State and District: Jammu and Kashmir, Leh
  • Famous For /As: Pilgrim, Scenic and Trekking
  • Temperature: Summers, warm days with cool night, winter are long and temperatures falls down to -40°C
  • Best Time to Visit: April to September
  • Time to Avoid: Winters as the temperatures falls down below 0°C
  • Culture: Buddhism
  • Connectivity: Can hire jeep and car to reach the base of this spot
  • Tourist Places Nearby: Padum, Zanskar River, Zanskar Valley, Karsha, Drang Drung Glacier