Andaman Holiday Tour Packages

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Andaman renowned for its picturesque beaches, Virgin Islands, exotic wildlife and relaxing weather condition, makes it the most beautiful island tourist destination in India. It forms an archipelago in the Bay of Bengal between Myanmar, but geographically it is close to the South East Asia.

Once Andaman was known as Kalapani, where the prisoners of war were kept, but today, the same is renowned for its scenic beauty, beaches, endangered corals and the Virgin Islands, which invited tourists and researchers from across the globe. Andaman is truly a wonderful place to be for honeymoon, leisure holidays and adventurous water sports and activities.

Tourist Attractions

Andaman is no doubt a paradise in itself, where the nature has cast magical spell across the reason. But apart from all, there are many interesting places to visit, which equally make the place a haven for holiday makers and travelers enthusiasts. Some important places to visit here while in Andaman are Cellular Jail National Memorial, Ross Island, Anthropological Museum, Chatham Saw Mill, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Corbyn’s Cove, Samudrika Marine Museum, Viper Island, Chiriya Tapu Biological Park and Limestone Caves. Beside these wonderments, there are many other exquisite places of interest which are equally important and make the part of the tourism of Andaman. Just you need to be here to explore and experience the splendor.

Activities to Enjoy

Andaman is exquisitely beautiful and when it comes to activities, it offer plethora of opportunity to enjoy. Water activities are abundantly available with excellent facilities to ensure the safety of tourists and enthusiasts. While here don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy Scuba Diving to experience the beauty of the underwater marine life, colorful fishes and rarest coral reefs, etc. Sailing, Skiing, Para Sailing, Speedboats, Water Scooter, Snorkeling, are some other activities to enjoy while here in Andaman. If you love trekking and Island camping, Andaman is the best place to enjoy such wonderful activities

Amenities and Accommodation

Andaman offer host of accommodation facilities and amenities for travelers and tourists who come here to have wonderful time of their life. If budget is not your concern, Andaman has many five star hotels and resorts as well as beach side resorts where one can savor the world class hospitality, services and time of life amid the scenic beauty of nature. Fortune Resort Bay Island in one such luxury resort situated beautifully along the picturesque waters of Bay of Bengal. Exquisitely designed with red wood and the rooms are beautifully designed with artifacts shells, lamps and graceful red curtains. Other hotels and resorts to name for accommodation purpose are Hotel Megapode near Port Blair, The Kingdom Havelock, Blue Bird Resort (Port Blair), Holiday Inn Beach Resort (Havelock Island), Anugama Resort (Wandoor), etc.

Weather Condition of Andaman

Andaman experiences warm tropical climate with irregular rainfall during south-west monsoon. Minimum temperature ranges to 23 degree centigrade while the maximum shoots up to 31 degree centigrade. Humidity is relatively high out here with 70 to 90 %. Apart from that there is no extreme weather condition except during monsoon, where the storms and tides are very much strong. Only between January to April the weather condition is cool and pleasant and more of all, tourists are great in number in this island destination while from November to December the island experience north-easterly gale and from May to October it experience south westerly gale. During the monsoon season, the average rainfall is 318 centimeter and the temperature ranges between 23 degree centigrade to 30 degree centigrade.

Andaman is truly a beautiful Island paradise, where one can soak in the splendor of the nature, islands, explore the vast stretches of the beaches with dear ones and experience the thrill of splendid water activities to witness the wonderful underwater world. It is truly a wonderful experience to be the part of such an exquisite paradise, located in the far away place, agreeing to share the happiness and time of life amid the beauty that is beyond words to describe.