Culture of Rajasthan

One of India’s western states, Rajasthan is land of palace, colours and great rich culture. It is a land where ancient cultures are still upholded by the locals. One can see people still wearing their sophisticated traditional attires and talking in their native language in Rajasthan. People love this about this ethnic part of the state. The rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan is a glimpse of the ancient Indian way of living life. The golden sand dunes, majestic forts and palaces, glamorous Rajasthani attires are few of the things that highlight what Rajasthan is all about. These have a history to tell us and they are pretty glorious. The people here lead a very slow and decent life appreciating what nature has to offer. It is amazing to see a beautiful smile in the faces of the local men and women even in that scorching heat. They value life and not other worldly things such as money and wealth and that is why they live happily. Millions of tourists come to Rajasthan also dubbed as Royal State of India, to taste the dust that blows from the desert side as they say that these dusts carry the sweetness of the place. Everything you see here seems to tell you a story of a prince and a princess.

Though the society is still orthodox and pretty conservative they seem to uphold the idea of equality and equal opportunities at least in big towns and cities here in Rajasthan. People of this desert state whether in rural areas or the urban towns, they are all very religious. They worship, praise, fear and love God and therefore it is in their nature to be helpful and kind. Over the years they have honed their skills in

dancing and singing and other arts. They are also extremely talented in making handicrafts and other local artifacts out of cloth and wood. These works also highlight their culture and age old traditions. They also have very rich and ancient music knowledge which is very famous all over the world. One gets to see the melodious songs, vivacious dances which are absolutely spectacular during important events and festive period.

One very important feature of Rajasthan is the attire that men and women wear. Their traditional dresses have a lot of mirror work. They come in embroidery of exquisite style. It amazes the foreigners that the women hide their faces with a cloth even in sheer hotness. They also wear heavy anklets and bangles found nowhere else in India and even with that load they do all their chores efficiently without any complaint. Such is the endurance level of the womenfolk in Rajasthan.

This state also has many royal families who own a rich history of battles and achievements. If you visit Rajasthan then you will obviously be given a chance to see the royalty here. There are elephants and camels beautifully decorated on which you can ride and feel royal yourself. Many religious saints of Hinduism were from Rajasthan and therefore even today there are festivals held in their name. It is color, energy and vibrancy that Rajasthan boasts of and truly this rustic beauty with warm people around are found nowhere.