Jaisalmer Holiday Tour Packages

Global Vision Tour’s Pvt. Ltd is a leader in providing fantastic holiday packages to people and make their dreams come true. We specialize in designing and providing you will a variety of excellent packages to suit all kinds of your holiday needs. Choose from any of our awesome packages like deluxe package, standard package, luxury package, custom made package etc. No matter whatever the occasion is or whoever you are going with, we will ensure that you will have the best time ever and the pleasant memories of your holiday will be printed in your mind forever. Among the many packages that we offer, our Jaisalmer Holiday Tour Packages are special one which will provide you an escape to one of the most beautiful and popular cities of Rajasthan.

The ancient and historic city of Rajasthan, Jaisalmir is also known as the ‘golden city’. It was an important centre for trade and commerce in the past and is thus home to many well known merchants. These wealthy merchants built beautiful havelis all over the cities around the 19th century.

Built using golden yellow sandstone, these havelis give a beautiful look to the city. It is from these Havelis that this city gets its name as the ‘Golden city’. Some of the well known havelis are Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli, Salim Singh ki Haveli, Patwon Ji Ki Haveli and Tazia Tower.

This city is a delight for the tourists. There are plenty of places to visit out here like Palaces, parks, havelis, lakes, temples etc. The periodic fairs, festivals etc are added attraction out here. Some of the interesting places to visit out here are – the Jaisalmer fort, also known as the Sonar Quila and is about 800 years old. This fort stands on the Trikuta Hill and is one of the most iconic symbols of this city. You can also visit the interesting parks like the Desert National Park, Akal Wood Fossil Park etc. The Godi Sagar Lake located on the southern side of the city is another major attraction. Surrounded by temples and shrines, this lake was once the single source water for the city surrounded by desert on all the sides.

Jaisalmer is also quite renowned for its fairs and festivals. There are many big and small fairs organised periodically and the most important of them is the Desert fair organised during the month of January and February. This festival brings alive the whole atmosphere of the city. Many stalls, cultural and folk performances, trading, men and women dressed in the traditional costumes giving a colourful look to the atmosphere are the specific features of this festival. You can also go for adventurous safaris in the desert to add more fun and excitement to your holiday. Riding a camel, experiencing the desert, the local customs and traditions, the people, temples etc will make your holiday fun filled and exciting. Taste the local cuisine, shop for some traditional products, interact with the local people and make the best use of your time in this magical city.

Our packages for Jaisalmer holidays are well designed by the professional and have included the best of services and facilities to make the trip and everlasting experience of lifetime. Global Vision Tours, wish you a Happy and memorable holidays.

Activities in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Fort

this particular fort is one of the most iconic structures in the entire city of Jaisalmer. Exhibiting the constructional design of traditional Rajasthani architecture, this 5 storied structure is something that one would and should not miss out on when in Jaisalmer. The architecture of this fort can be divided into three layers of walls. The outermost layer is made up of solid stone blocks, the second layer envelopes the fort and the third layer is an inward partition that mounted defences like boiling water, hot oil and huge rocks during times of war. The fort being situated on a hillock also provides excellent views of the city down below. The grand view of the outstretched plains and the never ending horizon is something that will definitely mesmerize you.

Camel Riding and the Desert Safaris

Rajasthan is the only state in India that is home to a desert and one of the best places to enjoy the sand is Jaisalmer. Being at the vicinity of the majestic and raw Thar desert, Jaisalmer provides the perfect opportunity to experience a desert life and its ways. The best thing about these desert safaris is the camel rides, though one can access camel rides in many places in Rajasthan there isn’t an experience like riding one in a desert. Move to the gait of the camel that you are on as you explore the bareness of the desert and its golden sand dunes that shift each day. A desert sunset is something that is so beautiful and fascinating that it can be termed to be one of the best kinds of sunsets that you would ever see in your life time.

Dune bashing and offroading

these are some of the new adventure activities that have come up with the wake of automobile advancements. This thrilling adventure activity is an indulgence that will get your adrenaline pumping and nerves tingling. This is a sport that has gained much popularity with especially the adventure seeking crowd. Feel the power of the four wheel drive, turbo engine driven car bobbing up and down as you conquer the sand dunes that ride and fall every few intervals. Offroading too provides one with a thrill that is grand and adrenaline pumping. This activity is mostly for people over the age of 16 and those who have a heart that can handle it.

Spotting wild life in the Desert National Park

this particular national park is a very unique one as compared to others in India as it is smack in the middle of barren lands that have little or no vegetation at all. Moreover the salt lakes, barren lands, rocky outcrops and sand dunes make it hard to sustain life. However, even amidst all this unfavorable condition there is a favorable amount of wild life here which consists of birds, mammals and fish. Some of the wildlife that you can get to spot around in this Desert national park includes desert cat, hares, Indian fox, chinkara and deer. Among the birds the most common one is the Great Indian Bustard which also happens to be the state bird of Rajasthan. Witnessing life in this harsh conditions is something that makes us acknowledge that mother nature is indeed great and has sustained everyone on the planet.

Gadisar Lake

this particular lake is one of the most visited lake in all of Jaisalmer and it would be a shame if one didn’t visit it when here. This lake at one time served as a water reservoir for the entire state of Rajasthan however today stands just as a major tourist attraction and a place for migratory birds to roost. There are many temples around the lake which also has given it the status of a pilgrimage center.