Winter Festival at Mount Abu

Mount Abu Tourist places

Mount Abu is one of the most visited hills stations of Rajasthan. This quaint hill station is serene, beautiful, peaceful and always welcoming of its tourists. It’s warm, cheerful and lovely atmosphere takes you away from the monotony of your everyday life to a place where all that you will find is pleasure and peace. There are plenty of attractions for the tourists to enjoy out here and one among them is the famous Winter Festival. Winter Festival at Mount Abu is the grandest festival of all that is organised in this place and sees the entire sleepy town coming alive with lots of activities, fun and cheer. It is an annual festival that takes place during the last week of December for three days and is organised by Rajasthan tourism and the Municipal Board of Mt. Abu. This is one of the best ways to discover and explore the magic and charm of this fantastic place, where you will be able to witness the various facets of its culture, heritage and tradition.

This festival is one of the best way to get a taste of the warm hospitality and speciality of this town. The three days festival begins with a grand procession that starts at RTDC Hotel Shikar. This procession is very grand and colourful and displays the rich and vibrant culture of this place. This ceremonial procession then culminates at the Nakki Lake Chowk. This is then followed by a grand performance by the folk

dancers of Rajasthan who display their rich and impressive culture to all the tourists who have gathered there from different parts of the world. Not only Rajasthan but folk dancers from other neighbouring states like Gujarat, Punjab and Haryana also come and participate in this festival. Finally on the last day of the festival there is a grand display of fireworks which bring down the curtains on this awesome celebration.

The dates of this festival are always fixed and it happens between 29th to 31st December. Mount Abu, which is the only hill station in Rajasthan plays host to this festival. Situated at an altitude of 1219 metres above sea level this hill station is also known as ‘oasis on the desert’ as you can find many lakes, rivers, waterfalls and dense green forests out here. The winter festival our here is a major event and showcases the traditional dances, fairs, concerts and stalls for varied products, mostly the local handcrafts. It is one of the best ways to explore the rich culture and heritage of this state. You will be simply awestruck by the variety, richness and mesmerizing atmosphere that this festival creates. It brings the local people and tourists on one platform where they can mingle with each other and share their culture. People from far and wide come to this place ever year to witness this event. Preparations are made on a grand scale and all the needs and requirements of the tourists are well taken care of.

Activities in Mt. Abu

Dilwara jain Temples

Built during the early 11th and 13th century, this particular temple is one of the must see places when in Mt Abu. Located at a short distance of 2.5 kilometers from town, this ancient monument of magnificence can be said to be the magnum opus of town. The marvelous architectural skill that is displayed in the temple carvings, stone laying techniques and meticulous design is something that one doesn’t see every day. The temple is a complex consisting of 5 temples that are a major part of the Jain culture that is dedicated to the Tirthankara’s. The engravings on the ceilings which represent different scenes from Hindu and Jain mythology is something that will definitely rapture and leave you awe struck.

Wild Life Sanctuary

if you are a wildlife enthusiast then this is the perfect activity for you to get involved in. The wildlife sanctuary of Mt. Abu is located in the forest area between the Aravalli mountain ranges. This area was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1980 and spans over an area of 288 sq. kilometers. In contrast to the desert vegetation that Rajasthan this wildlife sanctuary is filled with much vegetation. The flora and fauna found in this area is very diverse and in the past it was also known to have a considerable number of lions as well as tigers. The fauna that one can encounter when on a safari into this wildlife sanctuary include leopards, wild baor, sambar, common langur, pangolins, bear, mongoose, Indian fox, hedgehogs, porcupines, jungle cats, hyena, jackals, Indian hare and over 250 species of birds that include indigenous as well as migratory. So if you are a nature enthusiast and love adventure, then this the best activity for you to indulge in.

Nakki Lake

this lake has a mythological background and is known to be one of the holy lakes in Rajasthan. It is believed that this lake was dug out by the Gods just with their nails in order to escape the demon Bashkali. This lake is one of the most pristine lakes with exquisite surroundings that are great for treks, hikes and picnics. The lake also offers boating trips which is a great way to relax. The lake is also an important and historical place to visit as the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation was immersed here. In commemoration of the ashes being submerged here a monument dedicated to him called as the Gandhi Ghat has also been erected.

Honeymoon and sunset Point

this is a spot that you would not want to miss out on when you are at Mt. Abu. Be it with your loved one or with your friends, this place is a grand one to visit. Trekking to this point is a great activity to indulge in especially if you are an adventure enthusiast. For those who are much of a walker, ponies are available at the base of the hill. As the name suggests this place is a great one to be with especially with loved ones as the atmosphere here is a romantic and loving one. The sunsets that one can see from here are known to be one of the best in entire Rajasthan. Mesmerizingly beautiful, this place is indeed one for lovers to cherish, unite and fall in love all over again. Be sure to carry a camera along for the spellbinding sights that greet you along the way as well as from the sunset points should not only be captured in memory but in film too. This place also makes a great site to indulge in photography, so if you are a shutterbug you will definitely love this place.