Rajasthan Weather

Rajasthan the land of diversities is the largest state in India and is delightfully located in the North Western part of India. It is a beautiful state known for its historical attractions and beauty but here we are providing you the information about Rajasthan Weather Condition and the temperature according to season.

To the matter of fact, Rajasthan Weather is highly influenced by its geographical location and the varying topography. The vast stretch of the Aravalli range which spreads diagonally across the state from South West to North east, the western arid plains and the fertile plains of the eastern side experiences different weather and climatic conditions. However the Weather condition can be broadly divided into four seasons and is mentioned as below.

Winter Season (December to March)

December to March is the winter season and is the most favorable season for visiting Rajasthan. The minimum and the maximum temperature during this season range from 8 ° C to 28° C. January is the coldest season in Rajasthan and in some place like Sikar, Pilani, Bikaner and Churu the night temperature falls below -2° C.

Summer Season (March to June)

Rajasthan weather is hot and arid most of the time. Summer season here starts from March and lasts up to June. The temperature is extremely high during this month with minimum and maximum temperature ranging between 22° C to 49 while night temperature comes down to 20° C to 29° C. In some region like Udaipur and Mount Abu the temperature is quite pleasant and summer temperature range between 22° C to 38° C.

Monsoon Season (July to August)

Rajasthan has a brief spell of Monsoon Season that starts from July and last till August. It is during this time the state receives 90% of the waterfall and brings much relief to the people and also to the regions which seems to be like baked with the sultry summer. The temperature falls down sharply with the rainfalls with minimum and maximum temperature ranging from 40° C to 35° C.

Post Monsoon Season (Mid September to November)

Post Monsoon Season in Rajasthan commence from mid September and last till November. Temperature during this season is quite hot and maximum and minimum temperature ranges from 33° C to 38° C.


The state receives very less rainfall and it varies greatly though out the region. The annual rainfall ranges between 200 – 400 mm. In some arid areas it is as low as 150 mm while in some areas as high as 1000 mm. The state receives 80-90% of the rainfall between July to September from South West Monsoon.

Best time to Visit Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the destination of all season, but still the best time to visit this state is between October to March, when the sun is not so intense and the days temperature are pleasant. If you visit during the Winter time between November to February you can witness the colorful fairs and festivals that depicts the rich heritage and cultural charm of Rajasthan.