Rajasthan Tourist Map

The western state of India Rajasthan has been on top of the list of tourist spots. It has a dynamic natural beauty and also some of the most beautiful palaces. People come here to see mostly the beautiful desert and to experience the amazing camel ride and also to see the majestic palaces o the royal families. In order to explore this mesmerizing state it is a good idea to carry a tourist map of Rajasthan for it provides the good amount of information that one needs to know in order to travel around. It comes in really handy while navigating the place. These tourist maps can be picked up from airports, railway stations and bus terminus. If you look at the map then you will see it clearly the important places that one can visit in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Tourist Map

As suggested by the map you could probably visit Bikaner first as it lies at the northern side. Over here you can see a very beautiful desert and the fort in the desert which was built around 16th century. This unique desert on a raised elevation is surrounded by five gates almost like a

wonderland. From Bikaner, take a big leap and reach Jaisalmer which is often called the Golden city. This amazing city is surrounded by naturally beautiful sand dunes and forts that highlight the architectural talent of the people of Rajasthan. Also, because there are many museums it is also called the museum city that displays the historical facts about the city.

From this beautiful city of palaces then you can take en route towards another famous state called Jodhpur. It lies right at the edge of Thar Desert and retains the old antiquity and tradition. It is said that the original inhabitants of this place are the descendents of Lord Rama. Udaipur is next where one should head as is seen in the map. It was founded in 16th century by Maharani Udai Singh which is called the ‘Venice of the East’. It has many attractive hill top fortresses, temples and romantic garden filled with beautiful flowers and trees. Next you could head for Bundi which is a small town that has yet again an array of impressive palaces and forts. There are many frescos at places that depict the history of the dynasties that ruled this place. If you look at the map then you could see that your next destination could be Ajmer and Pushkar which are well known places. Ajmer is a historical place that witnessed numerous eras of different dynasties and also because of the shrine of a Muslim saint, who is believed to fulfill the wishes of the devotees who reach there. Pushkar is yet another holy city where the famous temple of Brahma exists.

Map suggests you to end your trip by finally visiting the capital city of Jaipur popularly known as the Pink city because houses are painted pink. You will enjoy the city that has a mixture of traditionalism with modern developments. You will find color, culture, art and regality all in one plate here.