Set perfectly around the high fliers of Western Ghats, Coimbatore is one of the most famous metropolises of Tamil Nadu. The historic in nature it could be considered as manifest of Chera, Cholas and illustrative testimony of Vijayanagara Empire. Strategically located at brilliance of hill station, it is one of the hot spot of Tamil Nadu tourism and owing to its developed transportation and communication facility the tourist sites could be reached in a most convenient way. The conurbation is blessed with wonder of natural plethora beside that within its box traveler would have an occasion to view numerous wildlife habitats. The historic account and traditional glory on the other plays an important role in making it renowned and then religious morale around makes it clinical.

Importance of tourism

The section of tourism here at Coimbatore is well flourished and affluent as Mother Nature have blessed the serenity with all possible shine it has within its womb beside that it is a all around destination and cannot be specified for one specific reason. The effort of government and local
people in this context cannot be overlooked as they played an important role in making Coimbatore tourism one of the well recognized within Tamil Nadu to benefit desire of traveler and government itself.

Tourist places around

Black Thunder theme park:

sprawled over an area of around 65 acres, the Black Thunder theme park is a darling of Coimbatore tourism and could be considered as best theme parks of Tamil Nadu tourism. The park is Asia’s hot favorite and it invites family and friends from different corner of the world. It is a supreme water park that facilitates all kind of water sports beside that it has health club, conference room, manicured lawns etc to reach the heart of traveler.

Nilgiri Hills:

Nilgiri is the biosphere hotspot and it is the 14th most natural area of the world where nature has its address. The hilly area of Nilgiri is home to many waterspouts and wildlife habitats beside that it has all sort of vegetation within that makes it a greener zone of India. The heavenly atmosphere and crystalline surroundings of Nilgiri invites nature lover from every pocket of the world and if you are a wildlife enthusiast then be prepared to get lost with deep opaque of Nilgiri forest.

Parambikkulam Wildlife Sanctuary:

set at the glorious surrounding of Western Ghats, the Parambikkulam Wildlife Sanctuary is bordered by the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The area of the sanctuary is protected under an act of forest department and it is one of the best natural sites to be as far as preservation of nature is concern. The wildlife sanctuary is home to numerous animals and it protects several endangered species. The sanctuary has tiger reserve within and the forest is lived by indigenous tribal people.

Siruvani Waterfalls:

it is considered as one of the best waterfalls of Coimbatore as it falls for alluring height and attracts traveler to enjoy the bliss of nature within a presence of serenity. The place is best enjoyed during the course of rainy season as waterspouts embraces it’s current and sprays its snowy glory to the rocky surface around.

Things to do


an uphill marvel of Anaikatti hills is perfect for trekking as its salubrious climatic condition along with beauty of trails that passes through canopy of nature makes it a renowned trekking site where adventure lover comes from different parts of the world.


the Coimbatore is blessed with numerous camping sites and the most common and frequented often are Satyamangalam, Siruvani etc.

Best time to visit

The glorious season that starts from September till March could be considered as ideal to make your visit here.