Cuisine of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is home to Indian vegetarian and it is a land of delicious cuisine as it serves traditional vegetarian dishes characterized by an essence of local spices and flavouring ingredients. The cuisine of Tamil Nadu is nutritious at the same time it plays with flavours to give best of taste to everyone and their way of preparation really has a world of elements to share with you. Religious and cultural event shows real colours of their cuisine as they get into fold of ancestral heritage to prepare the delicious dishes. The cuisine is much diversified and rice could be considered as most effective part of cuisine that they consume the most.


Pongal, the most traditional amongst all is a typical Tamil Nadu dish which is prepared during the time of religious and traditional festival. It is a sweet dish or could be considered as rice pudding as the method of preparation is more equivalent to the preparation of Khir. The ingredients

required to process Pongal are Jaggery, clove powder, cardamom powder, ghee, almonds, raisin and ghee. The method of preparation could take up to 30 minutes, the main part of the preparation is cooking or rice and once it is cooked well one could look to add other ingredients to emulsify the taste of Pongal.

Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa is an exemplification of True Tamil Nadu cuisine as locals consume it in regular basis and it is prepared with real delights as it reflects the story of past of their ancestor. The ingredients required in preparation of Masala Dosa include boiled rice, black gram, boiled potatoes, cumin leaves, mustard seeds, garlic and ginger etc. The first course of preparation is marinating of mustard seeds, chopped garlic, ginger, smashed potatoes, cumin leaves, etc. The second process starts with preparation of Dosa, one must understand that mixture for dosa should be thick enough to consume oil and avoid any burning.


It is a popular Tamil Dish and its widely famous amongst locals of the state, the Pulliyodarai in English could be translated as Tamarind Rice. The ingredients require in preparing Pulliyodarai includes tamarind paste, cooked rice, sesame oil, fenugreek powder, cumin seeds, turmeric powder, jiggery and salt. The main process of Pulliyodarai is preparation of mixture to eat with rice and it is done with the base of tamarind the entire mixture is prepared by adding all the above ingredients mentioned on the list.

Kesar Pak

It is a sweet dish prepare in almost every house of Tamil Nadu during the time of traditional events and religious fever. The preparation is very traditional as it includes the perk of traditional ingredients like pieces of coconut, khoya, ghee, yellow food colour, saffron and Sugar. The preparation starts with melting of ghee in shallow pan and then Khoya is fried separately till it turns into light brown now add Kesar and colouring ingredients along with sugar syrup. Mix it well and leave it to try before cutting it into pieces to taste the flavour.


Idli the most conventional of all dishes is a real treat as its traditional taste would let you understand about the perks of Tamil cuisine. The ingredients used in preparation of Idli are black gram, par boiled rice and salt. The process of cooking starts with soaking of black gram and rice in different bowls, now grind the ingredients adding sufficient water and then add salt to blend the taste and batter it well for overnight fermentation. Next morning one need to batter and blend it well again adding flavours and substances to enamel its taste.