Festivals of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a state of Southern India where age old traditions and culture are still practiced by the local people in a grand way. They take immense pride and pleasure in celebrating the festivals which become a medium to showcase the world their rich cultural heritage. This festive period is also the time to make realize both the young and old generation about their very own culture and traditions. Outside people are fully entertained in such festive time and therefore they have become a great tourist attraction. Thousands of people come every year in order to become a part of such huge celebrations. The tourism of the Tamil Nadu has also tried promoting the festivals of the state in such a way so that it attracts more and more people. What most tourists like about the festivals of Tamil Nadu is the magnitude of energy, color, variety, crowd and joy which they have not seen anywhere else. This becomes a totally new thing for them and they simply love this about Tamil Nadu. Let us look at some of the most popular festivals celebrated the Tamilians.

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This by far is the most important and popular festival of the state, which is also called the Prosperity day by the locals. The reason why this festival is celebrated is because this actually welcomes the new arrival of the fresh harvest. In honour of ‘Annapurna Goddess’ or the goddess of food this is celebrated and she is thanked for bringing food for all and thereby joy for all. People sing and dance and decorate their houses with beautiful colors and make ‘rangolies’ outside their door as a sign of respect and love for the festival. People appear in new clothes mostly traditional and meet their loved ones.
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Dance Festival

This is an amazing festival that showcases the various forms of Indian classical dances on one platform. All music and dance related people come here to immerse themselves in the musical evening, this is usually held in the capital city of Chennai.

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Tamil New Year’s Day

The Tamil New year comes in the mid April when the sun shifts its position and brings more warmth. People engage in checking their astrological year ahead and in preparing variety of tasty traditional dishes such as Payasam. People go to temples and exchange warm greetings on this special occasion.

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Summer Festival

This particular festival is usually seen being celebrated in the hill stations of Ooty, Kodaikannal and Yercaud. This is celebrated usually to attract the tourists and therefore array fun activities are lined up on this day such as the flower competition, Boat race, flower show, fruit carving, etc.

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Vinayaka Chaturthi

This is the festival celebrated in honour of Lord Ganesha. People celebrate this event in their houses by worshipping the idol of Ganesha, the same also happens in the temples where the deity’s idols are beautifully decorated. The idols are colorful and very big. People engage in dancing and singing when the processions are taken out for idol ‘visarjan’ which is a ritual to immerse the idol after the puja. There are many other such festivals in Tamil Nadu that highlights the culture that Tamilians are so proud of.