Handicraft of Tamil Nadu

The state of Tamil Nadu is blessed with rich culture and heritage that has evolved after many centuries. The most important depiction of its rich culture can be seen to be associated with its art and handicrafts. At present various ethnic forms of arts are promoted at different levels by various small and large organisations. At the same time, antique artefacts of different dynasties that ruled Tamil Nadu like Pallavas, Cholas, Chalukyas and the Rashtrakutas are reproduced and replicated frequently. The different crafts and arts of the state are undoubtedly seen to add elegance to the lifestyle of various people of the state and world.

Importance of handicrafts

The handicrafts of Tamil Nadu have attained significant popularity within and outside the state. Today, handicrafts of the state have taken the shape of industry and numerous organisations are involved in the manufacturing of handicrafts. Huge population of skilled craftsmen of Tamil Nadu

are currently associated with handicraft industry. Though the most of the handicrafts are created in the remote villages but is popularity has expanded across the world. Due to its growing prominence, various entities associated with the production of handicrafts are exporting and supplying handicrafts to different parts of the world.


Metalware is a popular craft of Tamil Nadu which are generally made with brass and copper. It is an ancient craft reflecting the rich culture and heritage of the state. Various objects crafted from metals are mainly used for the utility and for religious purposes. Some articles and objects that are cast from metal include lamp, trays, birds, flowers, geometric patterns, dishes, and designs of deities, toys and many more. The best metal craft are usually produced in Nachiarkovil a small village in Thanjavur district which is widely known for light brown sand commonly found on the banks of Cauvery River and are more suited for making moulds.


Several places in Tamil Nadu are noted for their exquisite woodcrafts. A place called Virudunagar is drawn significant attention of art and craft lovers for its traditional style of woodcrafts. Woodcrafts of the state are majorly used for making articles for household use and create basketry. Various natural materials like grasses, bamboo, and cane and many more are used to make several objects and articles like baskets, ropes, mats etc. Other than the woodcrafts, stone carving is also recognised as the rich craft of the state. Granite carvings done in the different parts of the state are quite popular among the locals and the travellers.

Tanjore Gold Leaf Painting

The Gold Leaf Paintings of Tanjore are the most popular crafts of Tamil Nadu. The most fascinating aspect of these paintings is they are performed beautifully on wood, ivory, glass, mica and on walls. These types of paintings are said to be introduced in the early 18th century and used thin gold sheet together with other colours to give brighter look. Tanjore Gold Leaf Painting reflects perfect harmony in the composition and merger of colours.

Silk Weaving

Silk weaving is another artistic work that has been performed by people of Tamil Nadu for centuries. The lustrous Kanjeevaram Saris are symbolic to the craftsmanship of the local of the state and are absolutely marvellous.

Music Instruments

Music forms an important place in the life of Tamil people. Makin musical instrument is considered as an important art and craft of the state. Thanjavur which is well known for many eminent musicians is regarded as a major hub for this type of crafts. Several families in this town are involved in making musical instruments like Thamburas with wooden base, Veenas and flute etc.