Mahabalipuram Tour

Once a well-established sea port during the 7th to 10th century, Mahabalipuram, located along the Coromandel Coast in Tamil Nadu is a place rich in history and culture. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Tamil Nadu and has been in existence since the time of the Pallavas in the 7th Century. This place is named after King Mahabali who was considered to be very cruel, arrogant and rude ruler, who was later killed by Lord Vishnu. The name was given to express the gratitude that he is no more alive because during his life he was a real trouble for everyone. Out here one can see the exquisite styles of art and architecture of the Pallava Dynasty. They rock cut caves and temples that you can see here is an epitome of fantastic art and architecture. Most of the temples are well preserved and even today attracts tourists from different parts of the country and the world. Besides the marvellous temples and other architectural monuments, this city has a beautiful natural environment with its beautiful sandy beaches. It is located at a distance of about 60 kms from Chennai and is well connected to all the major towns and cities of the state and neighbouring states.

Special Feature: the most special feature of this place is the temples and monuments built by the Pallavas and also the gorgeous sandy beaches. It is also a great place for shopping and one can buy beautiful and exquisite handicraft items out here. The Casuarinas trees that grow here make the environment look more soothing and beautiful. It is a favourite destination for tourist visiting Tamil Nadu. This place also has many World Heritage monuments and temples.

Dressing Restrictions: Since it is a tourist spot of international recognition there isn’t any specific restrictions on dressing. But it

is a traditional town with many temples, hence one is expected to dress decently, atleast while visiting the temples.

Best time to Visit: the best time to visit this place would be during the months of October to March. It has a moderate and humid climate all through the year owing to the nearness to sea. During this time the weather is perfect to enjoy all the adventure activities and sightseeing. During the summer months of March to May the weather is very hot and humid.

Entry Fee: Entry fee for specific monuments and tourist places may vary. Most of the temples have no entry fees.

Suggestions: this place is one of the must visit places in Tamil Nadu. The atmosphere here is really divine and soothing. It is a good place for historians and lovers of art and architecture. Even for the normal tourists this place has a lot to offer. Some of the important tourist destinations that you must visit out here are Arjuna’s Palace, Tiger’s Caves, Crocodile Bank, Five Ratha’s, Shore Temple etc. This is also a great place for shopping. One should also visit the nearby village of Kovalam and attend the Open Air Dance festival.

Activities in Mahabalipuram

Crocodile Bank:

The visit at crocodile bank of Mahabailpuram is the first thing that traveler need to contemplate with while coming here. The crocodile bank is a breeding ground and it has numerous species within protecting and preserving their numbers. The scorching creatures at first site may take you back to the phase of dinosaurs and actually they are predecessor of them in fact the last one living on an earth. The Madras crocodile bank was established in 1976 to save an endangered species of Indian crocodile and with firm conviction today it has 14 species of crocodile. Apart from crocs wildlife enthusiast would have an occasion to view 10 species of turtles and over 2500 animals decorating the brilliance of nature with their utmost presence.

Beach walk:

Mahabalipuram beach which is at a distance of around 58 km from the southern front of Chennai, the crystalline beauty of Mahabalipuram beach, Mahabalipuram is the place where traveler can tag along with their friends and family to go for ideal beach walk. It is one of the most exciting water fronts that support series of water sports and during the months of October till March traveler comes from every corner of the world to enjoy the calmness of beach walk at silvery dust of dunes.

Village walk:

It is an exclusive idea to explore and understand the culture and history of hamlets around Mahabalipurma. The Village walk can be adjourned by taking an auto rickshaw and can stopped at tranquil villages of the parental town to see the glory of surroundings. We would suggest traveler to participate in village walk or ride during the months of October till March to enjoy their advent.

Wind surfing:

the scintillating and surprising water course of Mahabalipuram as mentioned above is a perfect site where adventure lovers could try the rush of water sports. The wind surfing which is conducted within the beach front of Mahabalipuram beach is an ideal retreat where you can try wind surfing. The season of October till March witness the huge influx of traveler and it is during the same month traveler can try the advent to speak with fierce glory of wind while tagging one end of rope at yacht.

Motor boating:

for Motor Boating we would again suggest traveler to walk the distance of Mahabalipuram beach where traveler can try an advent of motor boating. The private profit making institution runs a rush of Motor boating allowing traveler to enjoy the brilliance of water sports while coming here. Apart from motor boating traveler can try sun bathing, diving to understand the aquatics lives living within here at Mahabalipuram beach.

Horse riding:

The Wide Beach of Mahabalipuram is renowned for its horse riding and during the call of October and April you would see traveler coming from every corner of the world to try an advent of horse riding. The beach walk although sounds fascinating but then to experience something different and exclusive we would suggest traveler to try horse ride which can be done in minimal price.

Mumu Surf School:

The surfing school of Mumu is an adventurous site where travelers can tag along with their friends and family to learn some techniques of surfing. The Mumu Surf school conducts surfing classes in varied beaches of Mahabalipruam and during an event of October when weather condition is more ideal you would see learners coming from different pocket of the world.