Paragliding at Yelagiri Tamil Nadu

It all started with Domina Jalbert who polished an experienced of paragliding and today at present situation paragliding is considered as one of the most daredevil adventures sports in the world. The wave of Paragliding as a recreational sport did not spare the glowing brilliance of Yalagri hills of Tamil Nadu which is located at an elevation of around 1410.6 m above mean sea level. As compare to other hill stations of Tamil Nadu Yelagiri or Elagiri is not that developed but with an advent of adventure sports like Paragliding and rock climbing it is slowing coming into limelight.

Paragliding at Yelagiri

Prominence of Yelagiri is polished by its take off site which is located at an elevation of around 2000 ft from where pilot along with traveler hops down to view the chronicles of surroundings. Large expanse of area makes paragliding one of the most sought after adventure sports beside that it has an amazing landing spots. Pilots here are professional and has respective license to glide in different altitude and what’s more amazing is if you are fresher than they conduct training session to make you perfect before getting into real deal.

Paragliding here at Yelagiri is associated with Yelagiri adventure sports association and they have facilitated everything to give you an experience of a lifetime. Beside paragliding traveler can try rock climbing which is very famous here and over the year many have come to practice the same.

While paragliding from the height of 2000 ft adventure lover could reveal the majesty of the surroundings which is very charming and natural and after paragliding if you wish to trek the distance than yes you can trek the height to understand the natural helms and the dale of Yelagiri.

Since Yelagiri is located strategically between Chennai and Bangalore the tourism department of state has sought the idea to reach both the state by gliding above the perimeter which would definitely cut the distance and time. The future prospect of Yelagiri looks promising because tourism department of state is planning to introduce parasailing to comfort the desire of adventure lovers.

Best time to visit:

as far enjoying the trails of paragliding is concern then we would advise traveler to come here during the season of summer where they would have an opportunity to take part in summer festival which happens during the month of May.

Things to carry:

adventure lover should remember to pack some of the basic things like layer clothes, prescribed medicine, mittens, spare helmets etc.


the very first thing one must do before sailing over friendly sky which is not that friendly is check their blood pressure. Traveler must not perform such task if they are not feeling well and paragliding should be done without taking any intoxicant things. Beside that they must remember to follow instructions and regulation they should not rush because paragliding requires enough patience and failing to comply with above mentioned tips could prove to be dangerous.