Pondicherry Holiday Packages

A fantastic holiday package can do a lot of wonders to help you relax and rejuvenate your soul and senses. It gives you a nice break from your hectic work and life and can help you start with a fresh mind and perspective. We at Global Vision Tours Pvt. Ltd provide you ample opportunities through our fantastically designed holiday packages to have the greatest time of your life. Our packages are the most comprehensive and extensive and there is no where on earth where we can’t send you for a memorable holiday. Be it domestic or international, there is no destination we have not covered. Among our many happiness filled holiday packages, we have a special Pondicherry holiday Tour Packages which will help you discover this small and ancient town which has been in existence for hundreds of years. Our package will familiarize you with the history of this important town, introduce you to its ancient and vibrant culture and let you lose yourself in its charm and beauty that you will forget all your tensions and worries when you let yourself melt in its magnificent atmosphere.

Our package will include everything and more than what you have asked for. From travel to accommodation and sightseeing to fooding, we will take care of everything to ensure that your holiday goes in the smoothest way possible. Through our package you will be able to see and experience some

of the most important landmarks of this place like the ancient excavation site of Arikamedu, the French war memorial, Jawahar Toy museum, Pondicherry museum, Raj Niwas, the Botanical Garden and Aquarium, the Paradise beach, the Pondicherry beach, Arubindo Ashram, Church of Sacred heart of Jesus, Auroville city and many more. This place has some of the best beaches in the world where you can have a soothing and relaxing time. Just walk along the shore, lie down and enjoy the sunset, enjoy the local aroma and lose yourself in the beauty and pleasure of nature. It is the best feeling one can have. Pondicherry has a really rich history and culture. It was ruled by the Portuguese for more than 400 years and this is clearly visible in their architecture, culture, language, customs etc. You will feel as if the time has been rewinded and you have been transported to the past.

When it comes to holiday packages with us, you have a lot of choices to choose from. Depending on the occasion, time and budget you can choose from a list of our packages like standard packages, deluxe packages, budget packages and even custom made packages to accommodate all your needs and requirements. The climate is hot and humid all through the year. The best time to visit this place would be between the months of October to March when humidity and temperature will be relatively less than the rest of the year. When you book a package with us we will ensure that all the small and big requirements are well taken care of.

Activities in Pondicherry

Chunnambar boating:

An experience of boating here at Chunnambar would be exceptional as sparkling water front during the season of October till February defines the glory of nature and boat house around would make your advent promising. Surrounded by splendor of backwaters, the course of boating speaks stunning sincerity of nature beside that sunshine over head and tranquil surroundings has a potency to reach the heart of travelers. Apart from boating traveler can just relax at vast stretch of beach or else can soak the serenity that time has to offer.

Beach walk:

Since we understand that Pondicherry is a home of coastal area so traveler can expect to enjoy the velvety touch of sand dunes that covers huge area of the beach. The scintillating shine of serenity beach, paradise beach, Promenade etc has awesome stretch of sand where traveler can just take an initiative of lazy beach walk to enjoy an essence of nature. The season of July to October would be fascinating beside that October till February marks the huge influx of tourist from every corner of the world.

Nature walk:

A treasure of trove at Bharathi Park sparks an essence of nature and that’s where traveler should run their money to feel the bliss of fresh air. The Bharathi Park has around 900 exotic species of plants beside that water fountain; aquarium and toy train would make your advent adventurous and completely novice. The park is centrally located around the ruins of Fort Louis and its prestigious location is ideal for evening walk.


The traditional site of Auroville is an audacious site where traveler can learn some idea of intrigue crafting. The souvenir and handicraft lovers are sure to have their say here as crafters here allows traveler to try their hand in crafting process and if you know bit more about than together you can create a beauty of work to grasp some memories of your advent.


The Kallialay Surf School of Pondicherry is an ideal place to go for surfing beside that traveler can take up classes to try the advent. The water thrust of Bay of Bengal allows traveler to go for surfing beside that high waves around is perfect to try rush of water sports. Apart from surfing traveler can look to try other rush of adventure like scuba diving, riffing aquatic lives could be practiced in water front of Aarvind’s wall and Ravines. The beast season to go for water sports hovers around the month of October till February, so come here to try something different and something refreshing.


An essential of beaches around Pondicherry is ideal for cruising as it allows traveler to unveil the glory of mystical coastal area. Some of the renowned site where traveler can look to go for beach cruising are serenity beach, Paradise beach and Promenade beach. The crystal clear water front of the beach would reach the heart of traveler and would make their venture the most remarkable advent of their lives. The best time to walk here would be during the season of October till February when weather condition seems to go more ideal and pleasant.

Yoga and ayurvedic:

Ayushman Ayurvedic treatment and rejuvenation centre of Pondicherry is ideal for summer retreat beside that classical ayurvedic treatment would make it inspiring. The process of purification is very traditional and then ancient application of spa and therapies would deal with health issues like rheumatism, spondylitis, neurological disorder, asthma etc. The team of dedicated staff beside that, years of experience comes into picture to give specific importance to your health and their utmost facilities and amenities within has a standard to meet desires of customer.