Rameshwaram Temple Visit

The famous temple of Rameshwaram is one of the most revered shrines in whole of South India. It is strongly believed that a visit to this holy sanctum washes away your dreadful sins leading you to salvation. Located on the island town of Rameshwaram in South India Tamil Nadu, it is visited by unnumbered devotees every year. It is a 12th century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is mythological connections with Ramayana.


According to Hindu mythology, it is said Lord Rama after his heroic victory over demon king Ravana came here and worshipped Lord Shiva. He decided to install the largest ‘shivalingam’ here to compensate the sin of killing a Brahmin (Ravana). He ordered his most sincere follower Hanuman to bring

the lingam from the Himalayas but as he could not reach on time, Rama’s wife Sita herself built a small lingam (Rama Lingam) in the temple. Later Hanuman also arrived with the lingam and Lord Rama ordered that the lingam (Visvalingam) brought by Hanuman should be worshipped first. Till today, the tradition has remained intact and devotees worship Visvalingam first.

Tips for visiting Rameshwaram Temple

Always remain on the safer side by gathering some useful tips before making a trip to this fascinating shrine of South India. Keep detailed information about your accommodations and cost of tickets needed for darshan. Down below I am providing some basic tips that might help you complete your Rameshwaram darshan more conveniently.

It is highly advised to hire a guide in advance who will help you visit the shrine more conveniently. He will also help you arrange a pujari (priest) and other things needed for the main pooja. There are 4 steps followed in the temple to complete the pooja:

  • Mani Darshan: Visit the temple early in the morning at around 4 am and see the Mani (emerald) before commencing pooja. You may have to stand in queue and remember do not bath before Mani Darshan.
  • Samudra Snanam: After the Mani Darshan, go for sea bath or Samudra Snanam at the sea located just half a km from the temple.
  • Teerth Snanam: Once you come back, do bother to change your clothes because Teerth Snanam (holy bath) is the next step process you have to follow. There 22 wells inside the temple which are filled with holy waters from various holy places of India. You are required to take bath in each of these wells. Don’t worry your guide will arrange everything for this holy bath.
  • Main Pooja: Finally, as they say now you are ready for salvation. Change your clothes and enter the main temple for worship. Your guide will get you a priest who will do the all rituals in your name.

Best time to Visit

If you are planning for a holy trip to Rameshwaram temple, then the best time to visit the shrine is definitely between October-April as the weather remains very favourable during these months. Apart from visiting the shrine, the pleasant weather conditions will let you explore the scenic tourist attractions in and around Rameshwaram town quite easily. Paying visit to the temple early in the morning is highly advised as during day time it is bound to get crowded with numerous devotees.


There are many hotels and lodges in and around Rameshwaram at great value for money. So, getting a proper accommodation is not a big deal for the visitors. However, opting for advance booking is very important as many of these hotels run out of rooms during peak tourist season. If you are planning for a day trip, then you can also leave your luggage at the Rameshwaram railway station cloak room and then visit the shrine. After you finish your darshan, return to the station, gather your goods and catch a train for another destination. Various TTDC (Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation) hotels can also be booked online in advance.

Activities in Rameshwaram

Glass Boat ride:

While coming here at Pamban Bridge, we expect traveler to go for Glass boat ride. The exotic stretch of beach has marvelous corals and aquatics lives beside that boat ride would ride would give you an occasion to get a clear view of aquatics living within. The vast stretch of beach has sparse vegetation and has little human settlement within its surroundings. The boat ride can be taken at any given time of the year beside that tranquil beauty of nature has an aspect to reach your heart.


Pitchvaram backwater is a holistic destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers, as endowing stretch of beach allows traveler to enjoy the course of boating which is typically different from glass boat ride. Backwater boating would give you an occasion to understand the biodiversity of the surroundings beside that wetland of the stretch supports heavy mangrove plantation. Apart from boating nature lovers would have a mesmerizing moment to enjoy the scenic beauty of surroundings and calm atmosphere of the beach seems to invite a brilliant essence of nature within its womb.


The socializing event of picnic could be executed within a calm surroundings of Pitchvaram beach beside that traveler can tag along with their friends and family to enjoy the same within a picture perfect location of Dhansukodi beach and Oliakuda beach. The season of October till April is ideal to make your visit here for the purpose of adventure and socializing event beside that the modest approach of weather condition would make your advent memorable and outlasting.

Bird watching:

An event of Bird Watching at Water Bird Sanctuary of Rameshwaram would be the most delightful set of thing that nature lovers and bird watchers could do while coming here. The season between October and January is primarily famous for bird watching and it is during such season traveler comes from every corner of the world to see the vivid species that flies above the beauty of Water Bird Sanctuary. Apart from floral of water bird sanctuary traveler can walk around the nectar of Arichamunia bird sanctuary of Dhansukhodi to see more vivid species of birds.


To enjoy the significance of wildlife, we would strongly suggest traveler to come at Gulf of Marine National Park. The biosphere reserve here comprises of 21 islands and covers an area of around 10, 500 square kilometer enclosing an area of Pamban coast of Rameshwaram and coast of Tuticorin. The bio-diversity of the region is considered to be one of the richest beside that mud flats, beaches and forest within has endemic vegetation to make your venture amazing. Some of the endangered wildlife habitats living within are Sea cow, dugong etc and vegetation comprises of six mangrove spices.


The coast of Pamban lived by around 125 villages is a typical coastal area and here with a consent of villagers traveler can look to try angling. Traveler can either opt for fishing boats or else can sit at an estuary and can enjoy the conservative brilliance of fishing and angling. Apart from fishing and angling traveler can just indulge their mind in enjoying the tranquil brilliance of surroundings or can enjoy the wildlife that falls near the coastal area of Pamban. The best season to come here for fishing revolves around the month of monsoon or else they can come here during the months of October till April.

Beach Walk:

The tranquil serenity of Adam’s beach and Ariyaman Beach is perfect for beach walk, as beach has low radiation of wave and shallow waters with silver lines of sand offers perfect opportunity to traveler to indulge their head in beach walking.