Tirunelveli is one of the ancient cities located on an estuary of Thamiraparani River, In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The city is traditional in its origin as it is around 2000 years old and still reveals an essence of transformation phase how civilizations took the roof and stack all the money for its better fortune. The wonder of ancient settlement and its perfect conglomeration with development process has made it one of the best municipal towns and the 5th largest urban area of Tamil Nadu. The city is blessed with beauty of tourism and its religious dictum has made it one of the most spiritually balanced conurbations of Tamil Nadu.

Importance of tourism

Tourism is essentially the best thing that would admire about the metropolis although clustered but significance of it holds the back of tourism
council of the government beside that potential has been widely realized by the governing council of the administrative block. The urban in its Fareast corner is blessed with marvel of nature as woos of brilliance and balance elements of nature sprawls the splendor of surroundings and then traditional hierarchy has made it one of the nest places on earth.

Tourist places around

Sankaranarayanan Koil:

The dignity of the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and religiously is considered as one of the most divine decorum of Tirunelveli, where devotee and traveler comes from different corner of the world to pay homage to Lord Shiva. The temple is considered to be one of the oldest as it dates back its origin to 900 years before. The temple is classified into 9 tiers and the main attraction gopuram is of 135 ft high.

Nellaiappar Temple:

intricate Dravidian architecture of the temple is the spellbinding norms of the site beside that marvel of lord Shiva as main shrine of the site invites devotee from every corner of the world. The temple owing to its mythological importance has found its wonder in Puranas of Hindu Tradition and it is linked with the glory of Pandyan dynasty.


It is the most alluring side of beauty and could be considered as other side of Tirunelveli tourism as it embarks the glory of nature and allows traveler to rest their head in lap without any firm conviction of disturbance and intervention. The gentle glow of brilliance tags with surreal flow and then dense vegetation around embraces the initiative of traveler.


proudly renowned as Spa of south India, Kuttralam is one zest beautiful parody of nature as it enlightens the trivia of numerous springs and glistening glory of nature around could not be denied under any circumstances. The precious waterspouts around and countless roar of fauna around makes it typical bounty of nature where one definitely find the peace of earth and jewels of nature.

Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve:

sprawled over an area of around 895 square km, it is the second largest protected area of the Tamil Nadu. Set at an elevation of around 1800 meters above sea level and flowing brilliantly over Western Ghats, the sanctuary is home to numerous wildlife habitats.

Things to do


traveler could execute their plans of picnic at Kuttralam and Papanasam, two of the most earth breaking natural places where one would have all the sensation of around to appreciate.

Souvenir Shopping:

Owing to its rich historical and traditional background, the shop around sells typical handicraft items which could included in the list of souvenir shopping to make an advent entertaining and richly cultural.

Religious initiative:

traveler could walk pay religious homage to religiously equipped town as it has many religious deity and shrines around that reaches the heart and purifies the brain of devotee.

Wildlife advent:

Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve is the best place where nature lover and wildlife enthusiast could possibly look to be to enjoy their advent.

Best time to visit

Consider the month of winter that starts from November till February to be favorable to make your visit here.