Tamilnadu Tourist Places

A culturally rich state of India, Tamil Nadu is situated on the south eastern part of India. It has a rich heritage of Dravidian style temples, music, fine art and architecture. People from around India come here to pay homage to many temples, to see the beautiful hill stations and other heritage sites and to relish on the typical Tamilian cuisine.

For pilgrim groups this is the perfect state to visit, for there are many sacred temples. You could start by visiting the ever famous temples of Mahabalipuram. The Five Chariots, the Shore temple and Arjuna’s penance can become the three most important visits here. They seem to take you back to the days of Mahabharata where battles and wars were fought. Then jump to another religious city of Kanchipuram that lies close to Chennai. There are more than a thousand temples and you cannot visit all of them but visit the popular ones such as the Vaikunta Peruma, Kamakshi Amman, Vardarajar Temple, etc. Madurai is another city full of temples, the famous one being the Meenaxi temple.

After a holy trip, a visit to green hill stations of Tamil Nadu would probably be relaxing. It’s great to see the lush green hills and rolling tea

gardens in the city of Ooty. Travellers make sure they visit here at least once. Its enigmatic charm has been attracting even the Bollywood movie makers. If you like Ooty then you will adore another hill station called Kodaikannal that lies few hours from Madurai. You will enjoy the walks on the wooded slopes and the pleasant boat rides on the serene lakes here. Places like Dolphin’s Nose, Byrant park and Bear Shola falls are few popular tourist spots. A short trip to the Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary is also very thrilling and delightful.

Then if you would like to see some city life of this southern state then Chennai would be best where you will see the mixture of modernity with age old tradition. Often said the cultural capital of India, it has shown huge development in modern technology and traditional arts and crafts in just a short span of time. People are very welcoming and Chennai is one of the popular shopping destinations in Tamil Nadu. You have to visit this capital city once. You could also visit the 3rd largest city of the state, Coimbatore. It is well known for its textile industry and is often called the Manchester of the South.

Yercaud is another pretty destination in north. This hill station offers a perfect cool weather during summer unlike other regions of the state and it also offers a great shopping destination because the products are quite cheaper as compared to other parts of Tamil Nadu. You could as well visit the coffee, oranges, pears and banana vegetations here. Another ancient city called Thanjavur is also worth visiting. It has the Chola Dynasty reflected in its temples and monuments. Visiting the southern tip of India in Kanyakumari and Rameswaram will also turn out to be quite a delight. There are many other hill stations, pilgrim sites and cities that can be explored with ease.