Trekking around Tamil Nadu

Spellbound of Tamil Nadu requires no special introduction because an endowing blessings of Mother Nature has made this region one of the most adventurous and sought after destinations. Over the year Government of Tamil Nadu has fiercely realized the potential of the state and has worked effectively to unveil it’s off road adventure like trekking, angling, camping etc as a result of which the state has become one of the most attractive tourist places where travelers comes from across the world to enjoy their vacation.

Trekking within an ecological environment of Tamil Nadu could prove to be refreshing and hence it involves extensive and easy trails traveler can always look to customize their journey according to their potential and capacity.


Ooty is amongst the most designated tourist spot and adventure trail where you would not only get to see the blemish of lofty Himalayas and hills but you would get an opportunity to explore the site through adverse trekking. Perched perfectly at an elevation of around 2286 m the dimension of Nilgiri hills would guide you through several trekking trails. At Ooty beginners as well as regular campaigners would have their share to exploit. Ooty to Madhumalai sanctuary is an amazing trail which would require 4 hours of continuous walk to complete the journey and while walking the distance you will pass through the glimpse of Parsons Valley, Mukkurthi Lake, Pandiar hills and Pykara fall.

Best time to trek:

trekking around Nilgiri hills is possible throughout the year which means traveler can come here both during winter and summer season.

Things to carry:

The basic things that trekkers need to carry are their respective trekking gears, goggles, snacks, layer clothes, torch light, camping tools etc.


trekkers are advised to carry ample of water and snacks while trekking the distance it becomes very important to keep the momentum and to do so you need to feel hydrated. Second thing trekkers should remember is they should never walk alone and even if they are walking alone somewhere they should alarm their friend about his/her location.


Settled within the gentle slopes of Palani hills Kodaikanal is amongst the most designated trekking routes around entire Tamil Nadu. An ecological environment of Kodaikanal is considered as summer retreat and during classical season of summer an entire dale of Kodaikanal turns into paradise which allows adventure lover to trek the nature with an utmost gesture. Since it has numerous trail but we would recommend you to try the distance of 8 km that passes through Kodaikanal, Dolphin Nose, Vallagavi and Kumabakkarai. Kodaikanal trek is considered tough and exhausting because one would have to walk for around 6 hours but if you are seasoned campaigners then you can comfort the hardship.

Best time to visit:

consider coming here during the monthof summer especially the month of March till June could prove to be fascinating.

Things to carry:

trekkers should remember to carry general things like trekking tools, hiking stick, pairs of snickers, hat, bottle of water, snacks, sunscreen lotion, layer clothes etc.


the first thing trekkers should remember and follow is regulation, they should always carry map and cell phone to know their abject location if they are lost, they should know their limits and destination.

Elagiri Hills

The small hill range of Elagiri which is located at a distance of around 25 km from Jolarpet junction is hot favorite of rookie trekkers. A gentle trek from Elagiri to Jalagambarai is suitable for beginners because it would take couple of hours to complete the trek but for experienced trekkers the trail that starts from Jalagambarai could prove to be fascinating.

Best time to visit:

trekkers are advised to trek here during the season of summer especially during the months starting from March till June.

Things to carry:

some of the basic things that trekkers should remember to carry are trekking tools, prescribed medicine, torch, compass, comfortable sport shoe, goggles, sunscreen, mobile phone, etc.


trekkers are advised to check their health and Blood pressure before walking a distance and they should remember to avoid intoxicating materials. Second thing one need to remember is instruction and regulation, trekkers are advise to keep them hydrated to avoid dehydration and should remember to be a part of herd rather than walking alone towards nowhere.