Set at an elevation of around 3500 feet above mean sea level on the Anaimalai hills covering the ranges of Western Ghats, the Valparai is a prestigious tourist destination where traveler would have an occasion to witness meandering hills, winding slopes, mountain ranges, water spouts, eternal valley, hairpin bends and forest area. The patches around is well covered with terraced tea plantation and an essence of organic tea assimilates a phenomena of surroundings beside that whispering streams and dense forest around has an element of blistering nature that regulates the wonder of weather condition. The fertile soil of Valparai boast the beauty of evergreen forest and then wildlife sanctuaries around defines its beauty and how humble it is towards the Mother Nature.

Importance of tourism

From tourism point of view it could be considered as one of the best site where traveler comes from different corner of the world to enjoy the
moment of their well earned vacation. The best part about its tourism is its authenticity and has nothing artificial, the government from its side has done a great job to embrace and enrich its tradition. The tourism department here is very active and through the surrounding infrastructure one could understand the role of the department to relate the glory of tourism and its benefit that reaches the desk of traveler and travel agents.

Tourist places around

Aanamalai wildlife sanctuary:

perched perfectly at an elevation of around 1400 meters, Aanamalai wildlife sanctuary is a famous wildlife house where process of preservation takes place. The sanctuary covers an area of around 958 square kilometer and within it houses numerous wildlife habitats and invites migratory birds from different corner of the world.

Manompally forest:

the reserve forest is one of the dense and has jaw dropping elements within. The fascinating beauty of the forest would take you back to the lap of nature again, the well distributed spectacle of vegetation and grace of Manompally River speaks it all for traveler and nature lover. While walking within one would have a mild occasion to sight endangered species within as unpolluted and virgin surrounding is home to numerous breeds of animals.

Aaliyar dam:

set around the marvelous charm of Aanamalai range, the Aaliyar dam is a renowned picnic spot and well maintained park. The surrounding of the site is well dominated by the virtue of the Aanamalai range beside that gorgeous dam down the line is maintained by government of Tamil Nadu.

Birla Falls:

located at a distance of around 2km from the mainland of Valparai, Birla Falls is a splendid site that offers panoramic view of the surrounding beside that gracious roars of spouts cascading from alluring elevation strikes the mind of traveler making it one of the splendid tourist site of Valparai.

Sidhi vinayagar temple:

for religious traveler, the temple is the most suitable site where they could look to be. The temple is owned by Jayshree tea industries and it is well situated in a flush of beautiful garden beside that spiritual vibe of the temple would reach the heart making it pure and transforming it into silent stone of peace.

Things to do


traveler while coming here would have a gracious occasion to try trekking the hilly region, the Manompally forest has a several trekking trails that passes through deep roots of forest leading to beautiful hill stations. The season of summer is best as the forest looks safe and the trails are slippery so expect to enjoy your venture here during summer.


the Aaliyar dam is a wonderful spot where traveler could tag along with their friends and family to enjoy an occasion of picnic.


the Valparai main market is an essential site as far as shopping is concern as it is an abundant market with everything within its stall. The shopaholic would love to do some shopping here to make their advent memorable.

Best time to visit

Consider the season of summer that starts from the month of March till May and season of autumn that starts from October onwards to be ideal to make your visit here.