Vellore or predominantly renowned as Fort city of Tamil Nadu is a historic metropolitan where harmony of chronology resides to speak the glory of heritage. The traditionally rich and culturally equipped the city is an aura of tourism beside that era of Dravidian architecture shares an essence allowing traveler to get a quick look about transformation and evolution of phase from one saga to other. The tourist places in common have so much to offer and then important sites around would promise to make your advent fruitful and unforgettable. The city for religious people would prove to no less than a wonder as a perfect fusion of religious harmony makes the site truly a gift of god and blessing of heaven.

Importance of tourism

From tourism point of view it is one of the most renowned and celebrated site as it has numerous tourist places that seem to satisfy desires of customer and since government have incorporate many projects and prospect one could understand an importance of it from tourism point of view.

Tourist places around

Vellore Fort:

your journey starts with the phenomenon of Vellore fort, the historic in nature and truly marvelous in character. It is the 16th century fort set at the heart of the city and defining the miracles of Vijayanagara Empire. It is the most clinical places on earth as it shares the glory of different kingdom before it was permanently owned by Indian kingdom after the call of independence. The fort is a great heritage and we would promptly suggest traveler to make their way here to make their journey memorable.

Government museum:

located within the fort, the government museum is a multipurpose museum and could be considered as great historic site where traveler would have generous occasion to see huge compilation of art and artifacts. The museum is a kind initiative of local government and apart from housing historic elements it has artifacts related with charm of archaeology, botany, geology etc.

Vellore Science Park:

set at eastern corner of Vellore, Science Park is one of the major tourist attractions of Vellore as it looks to give insight about science and technology. The park was developed by science and technology department of Tamil Nadu and it has numerous galleries to define different project and prospect related with different subject of science. The projects are based on practical experiments so traveler can expect to have some of the best time experiencing the glory which would prove to be magical in some cases and unbelievable in other.

Amirthi Zoological Park:

sprawled over an area of around 25 hectares, the Amirthi Zoological Park is one of the protected areas of Vellore and it houses different breed and species of animals to lure wildlife lover from different corner of the world.

Jalakandeswarar Temple:

the temple is one of the prolific religious sites where devotee throngs from distant corner of the world to pay homage to Jalakandeswarar, the main shrine of the temple. Apart from its religious importance the site is well decorated and the sculpture around would tell you about the glorious art it impels within its sanctum.

Vainu Bappu Observatory:

it is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by Indian institute of Astrophysics. The place is a great scientific site where traveler would have occasion to understand several glory about universe and its formation beside that it has the largest telescope of Asia. The place is a great treat for science lover and if you wish to understand more about our universe then you can make your way here.

Best time to visit

Consider the month of November till February to be favorable to make your visit here.