Yelagiri hills

Yelagiri or Elagiri hill is a wonderful hill station located in the district of Vellore in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The historical account of the site dates back its glory to the days of British time when the entire area of the hill was under the monetary power of zamindars. The hill station still at present preserves the tradition and owing to tourism importance it could be considered as one of the best tourist sites where traveler comes from every corner of the world. The glorious sheet of weather plays a driving role and then serenity within is all one can ask to enjoy. Perched perfectly at an elevation of around 1110.6 meters the village of Yelagiri is decorated with bloom of orchards, rose gardens and green valley.

Importance of tourism

From tourism point of view it is one of the hot spots and visited by traveler throughout the year, the natural vibe of the surroundings is the best
things that inspire the roots of its tourism and then noble settlement of tribal people along with rich traditional background has so much to offer. The government in its recent initiative have look to introduce adventure around and that speaks an effort beside that promotion around is really taking a leap to make this place not only naturally blessed but adventurous as well.

Tourist places around

Nature Park:

sprawled over an area of around 12 acres, the park is set adjacent to Punganoor Lake. The Park is a glowing oracle for nature lovers as it houses numerous species of plants selected from the womb of rocky terrain to suit the condition. Within the park traveler would have an occasion to view artificial waterfall where one could take an initiative of bathing to enjoy the current of water and snowy spray of springs.

Punganoor Lake:

The man-made lake is a source of brilliance as it is frequented by traveler during the time of season. The place is best enjoyed while boating and it has a moving fountain which is located at the centre of the park. Around its corner traveler would have an occasion to witness floriculture and the spark of nature.


it is a favorite ground for adventure lover as it has towering summit just suitable to practice adventure courses like mountain climbing and trekking. The place is best enjoyed by adventure lover and nature enthusiast as it has vibrant rays of adventure to offer to its traveler.

Nilavoor Lake:

it is a small lake with abundance of beauty. The lake is visited by traveler from every corner as it has a facility of boating beside that the lake is surrounded by beauty of garden where traveler can just stroll around to enjoy the bask of nature.

Jalagamparai falls:

White water that flows from a valley of nature is surrounded by lush green flora. The Jalagamparai falls comes to a life during the month of November till February and throughout the season of summer it remains dry.

Things to do

Mountain climbing and trekking:

the eternal valley of Swamimalai and its surrounding ranges of mountain is visited by mountaineers to scale the height beside that it is a favorite hunt of trekkers. The numerous trekking trails that start before 3 km from Swamimalai, is an amazing trekking site that leads to the summit.


for boating we would suggest traveler to make an advent in Nilavoor Lake and Punganoor Lake as it has a brilliant circumference to suit the glory of boating.

Best time to visit

We would suggest traveler to come here during the season of early winter to enjoy the moment of your well earned vacation with friends and family.