The fast growing natural ambience and plenty of plantations around has made Yercaud one of the peeping destinations where traveler loves to spend their vacation with their friends and family. The glorious surroundings and sequential weather condition sends invitation to traveler from every corner of the plant and being one of the nestling beauty of Tamil Nadu tourism it is proving to be one of the best tourist spot that only seems to benefit the traveler but also seems to provide healthy monitory outflow to local people and government. The historic essentials is very eccentric so if you are a keen about historic incident than we would suggest traveler to make their way here as ancient pediments are waiting to share an essence of chronicles that still seems to dominate

the beads of tourism. Importance of tourism

When it comes to tourism than traveler could witness its potential through its natural environment beside that the glory of tourism is something
that supports the popularity of Yercaud as it is mark as one of the favorite tourist destinations where traveler mount to spend the moment of their well earned vacation.

Tourist places around

Yercaud Lake:

as its name suggest the Lake is one of the most defining tourist destination where traveler comes from every corner of the world to feel the vibe of nature as lake has one of the most vibrant surrounding that seems to reach the heart of traveler. From the marvel of it traveler could quaintly view the horizon beside that the gentle forest around has typical magic that may force your mind to stay here for another day or two.

Pagoda point:

set away from the hustle and bustle of crowd, the Pagoda point is a place to be during your visit at Yercaud. The place has perfect solace of tranquility and sophistication and a captivating essence of surrounding acts like a soothing balm. Traveler from here can look to enjoy the glorious scene of surroundings beside that marvel of transforming nature would make their advent fruitful and mesmerizing.

Kiliyur waterfall:

cascading from a height of around 300 ft, the Kiliyur waterfall is one of the favorite tourist destinations of Yercaud. The rugged and rusty terrains of the waterfall are not easy to trek but then if you could constantly avoid the slippery side of the rock then you could reach the site in no time. The place is best enjoyed during the season of monsoon and to enjoy boating traveler can come here with their friends and family.

Lady’s Seat:

it is one of the historic sites that reflects the glory of British rule in India, the rocks around are indigenous part of the Yercaud tourism beside that it is incredibly enjoyed during the session of evening as murky horizon glows up to spread its marvel of radiance around.


it is a renowned nursery around Yercaud and it is more famous for its exotic and rare varieties of orchids. The Orchidarium with its noble approach and natural process looks to preserve the distinct species of Orchid and at present it holds 250 colorful species.

Things to do


there are numerous trekking trails around that passes through majestic meadows of Yercaud. The most exciting part about an entire journey is that it passes through numerous caves and woody cluster to unveil the wonder of nature.


the Salem is the best site where traveler could go for shopping beside that souvenir handicraft would make your shopping advent remarkable.


apart from adventure and sightseeing traveler could enjoy an advent of picnic with their friends and family to make their trip a memorable journey.

Best time to visit

We would suggest traveler to come here during the month of October till June to make your visit here. t