Handicraft in Uttarakhand

The state of Uttarakhand is renowned for its art and craft as it is a heritage site where mythological and historical incidents had happened and the influence of such in their work cannot be denied. The natural elements around is another primary reason that inspires the art and craft of Uttarakhand, the diversity is a most fabulous thing that one may witness and the local living out here takes their work seriously and tries to emulate the best through their understanding.

Importance of handicraft

The state is holistic and acolyte of culture so expect to see the real work as it importance cannot be cast in words. The people and the government together they are engaged to give the best of their thought to the world and through their smart understanding they have been doing good.

An aspect of handicraft is historical so there is no doubt about its importance beside that it boost economic factor and allows people to reflect the best of their culture and tradition.

Ringaal handicraft

Ringaal handicraft is one of the most famous and prominent work of Kumaon people, they are expert in making and moulding things. The main essential use in making Ringaal is bamboo which could be found in abundance in beauty of Himalaya. The excellence of utility could be seen through their baskets, kitchen utility items, mats, furniture etc. The Ringaal people living in adverse condition of Uttarakhand is blessed with an art of bamboo crafts and tradition they are into is something more real and magnificent.


Aipan folk art is associated with the legends of Kumaon tradition, the art of Kumaon which is more renowned as Aipan folk art is a ritualistic practice and it has been passed from door of one generation to other. The work is truly based on imagination and it shares it origin with its ancestor, the expression of their work is solemnly defining as they create majestic shawls and stoles beside that wall hangings, bookmarks, coasters, photo frames etc are some of the main work of the locals.

Rambaans Handicrafts

Rambans handicraft is a traditional work and it is done my making use of jute and hemp, the craft work of Rambans has a good market, the fibre used in making the essentials could be found in green area of Uttarakhand and owing to its availability the wave of various crafts like bags, purses, wall hangings and show pieces are made out of extract they get from the plant. The craft is a real souvenir and it is available in every corner of Uttarakhand as it is trendy and has high market value.


Copper is deeply integrated with the making of brilliance, the period of 12th century saw the glow of copper and since then it has been a regular material for artisans to make things like copperware and anything associated with it. The art of copperware is very famous and it is historic in its origin. The coppersmith of Uttarakhand makes copper pots, water tillers, drinking glasses, musical instruments, masks and other essential elements out of copper.

Wooden Crafts

Abundance of timber creates a passionate way for wood craft to thrive, the culture of wood craft is old and immemorial to time beside that artisans working here are good with wood work and could create a magic out of it. The Gunjyal village takes an initiative of wood work and they have expert people working to create walking sticks, animal figures, miniature, figures of god etc.

Wax work

Candles of Uttarakhand are not only up for illumination but fragrance of it would light your home with essence of freshness. The candle work or wax work most amazing part of art is a popular souvenir of Nainital and one could come here to buy some to illuminate their house with light and freshness of life.